How to Reach Vellore - The Easiest Way to Reach Vellore


  • By Air: The nearest airports to Vellore are based at Bengaluru (210 km) and Chennai (140 km). Private taxi, trains and buses can be taken to the ciy from these places.
  • By Train: Vellore’s main station is 5 kms away at Katpadi. More than half dozen buses run to Bengaluru and Chennai every day. Other trains from tirupati and Coimbatore bring visitors to the town.
  • By Taxi: Private Taxis and shared Taxis run from Tirupati, Bengaluru and Chennai to Vellore.
  • By Bus: The Vellore bus station runs buses to major cities Tamil Nadu, Karnataka Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh.


  • By Bus: City buses run on the Katpadi and Bagayam bus routes and take you to major parts of the city.
  • By Car: You can rent a car and drive around the city. Foreign nationals are advised to avoid this option – Vellore sightseeing is much better without having to handle Indian traffic-nonsenibilities.
  • By Taxi: Taxis are not very common in Vellore but are available in some parts of the city. They are not metered so be ready to bargain a lot.
  • By Rickshaw: Share Rickshaws and private Rickshaws are available in the city. Bargain a lot with the Rickshaw drivers are they are likely to ask a lot more amount than the usual. Still, they’re the quickest way to reach tourist places in Vellore.
  • By Bicycle: It is easy to rent a bicycle in Vellore and is used by a big percent of the population.

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How to Reach Vellore from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Tirumala to Vellore 35.1 km 35 mins
Arakkonam to Vellore 58.25 km 58 mins
Chennai to Vellore 127 km 2 hours 7 mins
Bangalore to Vellore 171.97 km 2 hours 51 mins
Mormugao to Vellore 595.99 km 9 hours 55 mins
Pune to Vellore 603.42 km 10 hours 3 mins
Kathmandu to Vellore 753.69 km 12 hours 33 mins
Kolkata to Vellore 1028.94 km 17 hours 8 mins
Dhaka to Vellore 1252.26 km 20 hours 52 mins