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  • Address: via 30175, Via Giuseppe de Marchi, 7, 30100 Venezia, Italy, Venice
  • Tags: Park, Camp
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Camping Village Jolly is located in Venice, Italy. A great place to visit, you can check out the other popular places of the city on the best things to do page in Venice section.

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  • Got a basic 'room' which can sleep 3 people. The shower was broken as you can't use the holder, and the hot and cold taps were labelled incorrectly. I had to ask for toilet paper as I was only provided with a small bar of soap in the bathroom. The room is a good size with one fold down bed. Plenty of storage for a short stay. Nice and warm in February with working heating. Good prices in the restaurant for dinner and morning coffee + croissant combination. They have a shuttle service into Venice Island or you can take the public bus a short distance away. No facility to cook your own food though, which could be a welcome addition!

  • The camping village itself is nicely set out. Extremely clean facilities - outside toilets and laundry etc. The restaurant serves gorgeous pizzas and is really pleasant in the day time and early evening also very good prices. Later on the bar area has lots going on - great for young people. Our chalet was very small indeed and as they say "you get what you pay for" bit mouldy on the walls and some of the fittings had seen better days however, we couldn't complain as it was cheap enough. The village itself is not easy to get to if you come via the local tram but i think it may be better using the bus from the rail station. Taxis are just stupidly unbelievable prices. Keep away from them unless you've got loads of money!

  • This place sucked! Almost anything/everything that could go wrong did. The heating; the water temperature; the windows didn't keep much of the little heat that we had in. It was supposed to be a two person upgrade from a three person was barely enough room for one person. The beds were the absolute worst. I tried repeatedly to get comfortable but being 6'2", 212lbs the bed began to fall apart (literally). The blankets on the bed were old/itchy and useless for me. At check-in I was issued an electronic key but the door only opened using a key and of course the receptionist at Check-in were upset because the majority of the people in my travel group had the same problem. The receptionist refused to issue metal keys for over 20 minutes. The floirs were filthy as well. My expectations of this place were minimal but they found a way to not reach that .00005 expectation that I had. I would never recommend this place.

  • Good place, in Winter can be colder in the old bungalows according to the people we met, but was warm in the new comfortable ones. Let the water flow for several minutes before getting warm. Be ready for paying 2.5 vs 1.5 Euro if you want to go to Venice right from the site, or walk 15-20 minutes to the public bus.

  • We went as family. We felt very difficult to accommodate as moving space is very less. But its worth for the money what we pay. Ce they have swimming pool, Bar and supermarket. Almost we waited for three hours to get the vessels from them for cooking. For me its disappointing.

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