Locanda Gaffaro Hotel Venice, Venice

  • Address: Corte del Gallo, 3589, 30123 Dorsoduro, Venezia VE, Italy, Venice
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About Locanda Gaffaro Hotel Venice, Venice

Locanda Gaffaro Hotel Venice is situated in Venice, Italy.

Visiting this Locanda Gaffaro Hotel Venice for the first time you can find information about the address, contact number as well as operating hours for this Locanda Gaffaro Hotel Venice and information regarding ticket prices. On this page, you can find this information regarding best time to visit for the Locanda Gaffaro Hotel Venice. You can click on the map to explore more.

Locanda Gaffaro Hotel Venice is one of the popular destinations in Venice and is famous among the tourists. Visit this Locanda Gaffaro Hotel Venice with your family or friends and plan your trip to this destination. This Locanda Gaffaro Hotel Venice has a great experience associated with it.

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Locanda Gaffaro Hotel Venice, Venice Reviews

  • Nice, cozy hotel. Comfortable (hard) bed. Simple but sufficient breakfast

  • Locanda Gaffaro is one the hotels in Venice that is quite nice and not that expensive. The owner is friendly, the chambers are very cute and the breakfast good. All you need for a nice trip in Venice.

  • Nice, charming and clean hotel. Location is perfect as it is peaceful and not touristy at all, but still very close to the main attractions.

  • Great room for a great price. Breakfast included and free wifi. A fifteen minute walk from the train station.

  • The best thing about the hotel was the location, the cleannes was also good, and the comfort of the beds. The breakfast a little poor for my opinion, we had a top floor room with small windows at the sealing and no view. It's a decent hotel, not fancy at all, its more like a hostel, definitely not a 3 star hotel like google described.

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Locanda gaffaro hotel venice
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  • Vecio Fritolin Calle della Regina 2262
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  • Osteria Trefanti Rio Marin 888
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  • Cofely Italia SPA Sestiere Cannaregio 23
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  • Distributore Gasparini SNC Località Sacca Serenella 10
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  • Carpitella Salvatore Sestiere Cannaregio 916
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  • Cavaletto Giovanni & Iacono Francesco Distributore Agip S. Croce 497
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  • Distributore Laguna Nord SAS di Molin Calle San Mauro 545
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  • Trenitalia SPA - Div.Passeggeri - Dir.Zona Nord est Sestiere Cannaregio 23
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  • Treno Venezia Bologna Rv 2243 Sestiere Cannaregio 49-53
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  • Stazione Venezia Santa Lucia - Deposito Bagagli -
    0.619 km away
  • Portabagagli Stazione di Venezia Sestiere Cannaregio 23
    1.035 km away
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  • Cà della Corte Dorsoduro 3560
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  • Palazzo Bembo Riva del Carbon 4793-4785
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  • Residenza Al Pozzo Campo San Polo 2125
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  • Ca dei Fuseri B&B Sestiere San Marco 4344
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  • Casa Sant'Andrea Santa Croce 495
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  • Casa Favaretto Sestiere Castello 2146
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  • Pensione La Calcina Dorsoduro 780
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  • Hotel Henry Sestiere Cannaregio 1506
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  • Foresteria Valdese Venezia Castello 5170
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  • Pensione Seguso Dorsoduro 779
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