Top Places for Art and Cultural Activities in Venice

A trip to Venice cannot be complete without understanding its rich heritage. The art and cultural activities in Venice will give you an insight into the city's history, traditions, and artwork. While visiting the cultural attractions in Venice would prove to be informative, attending its artsy events will leave you entertained. From cultural performances to historical monuments that give you a glimpse of the past, take a look at this list to know Venice better. Include these in attractions in your itinerary for Venice and have a great vacation.

Check the list of top places for art and culture in Venice:

  1. Grand Canal

    Outdoors, Waterfront, Architecture

    Nearly four kilometres long, this canal is the lifeline of Venice’s water traffic (of private boats, vaporetti (water buses), and the gondolas), and one of the prettiest sights in this pretty city. It’s supposed to follow the course of an ancient river, and the area near the Rialto Bridge is supposed to be one of the first sites colonised around the river. Speaking of bridges, the ...Read more
  2. St Mark's Square

    Outdoors, Landmark, Walking Area, Square

    St. Mark’s Square, St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace all grew up together the ninth century onwards. Once, it was only a little square and chapel! Throw in a canal and a dock, some important government buildings, incredible architecture (the National Library of St. Mark's; the Museum of Archaeology, the Correr Museum, Procuratie Nuovo, Procuratie Vecchie, and others),...Read more
  3. Saint Mark's Basilica

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    Saint Mark's Basilica

    Church, Architecture

    The name ‘Church of Gold’ is well deserved. This magnificent Byzantine building is the most opulent, elaborate and lavishly designed/decorated/gifted building in all of Venice. And until the early 18th century, it used to be the Doge’s private little chapel. The only one who had a better building to pray in in the world was the Pope. You are only allowed 10 minutes inside, so...Read more
  4. Doge's Palace

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    Doge's Palace

    Palace, Architecture

    The Palace, like its accompanying basilica, was built large to showcase Venice’s indomitable power. The city was ruled from this seat for over a hundred years, and despite its obvious wealth, there’s barely any fortification to the palace, as if the Doge was unconcerned of harm. The architecture is distinctly Venetian, and departs from the styles of most medieval palaces. Highlight...Read more
  5. St Mark's Campanile

    4.7 (22613 Votes)
    St Mark's Campanile

    Outdoors, View Point, Observatory, Tower

    This Baroque Tower is undisputedly Venice’s most recognisable landmark. That’s why the city won’t let it die. Since the first tower was erected in the 10th century, it’s been repeated struck down by calamity after calamity (usually fires and earthquakes), and each time they just built it back up again, adding a little extra detail here and there each time. In this way w...Read more
  6. Peggy Guggenheim Collection

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    Peggy Guggenheim Collection

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Museum, Exhibition

    The American heiress Peggy Guggenheim made collecting tasteful art and hosting seasonal exhibitions a habit of hers. She lived here, at the 18th century Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, for over 30 years, and her influence has elevated the museum to a premier modern art museum. Picasso, Calder, Ernst, Pollock, Dali, Chagall, Giacometti, Klee, and some Italian Futurists – they’re all here....Read more
  7. Rialto Bridge

    4.6 (23533 Votes)
    Rialto Bridge

    Outdoors, Bridge, Architecture

    Soaring over the Grand Canal, and connecting San Polo and San Marco, the Rialto Bridge is Venice’s pride and joy. After several wooden bridges in the medieval ages collapsed, Anthony da Ponte took three years to leave behind this beautiful architectural marvel. Once upon a time, merchants would set up day long shops here… now it’s tourists. The bridge’s high arch (7.5 ...Read more
  8. St Mary Of The Friars

    4.6 (19365 Votes)
    St Mary Of The Friars

    Church, Religious Site

    This church, also called the Frari, is practically an honorary basilica. The Franciscans built in Italian Gothic style. It’s big, made of brick, and dedicated to the Assumption. It was completed in the 14th century. Despite it’s reputation, it’s rather plain to look at from the outside, though still imposing. It’s tower is the second highest in the city. Crypts, statues...Read more
  9. Church Of San Giorgio Maggiore

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    Church Of San Giorgio Maggiore

    Church, Religious Site, Heritage Building

    This 16th-century Benedictine basilica sits on the island that shares its name. It’s beautiful: classical renaissance, white marble, with a proud bell tower, right in the middle of a blue lagoon. The first church here was built in the late 8th century. Palladio designed the current building, but died before he could see his completed project in 1610. The monks by and large controlled dec...Read more
  10. Scuola Grande Di San Rocco

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    Scuola Grande Di San Rocco

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture

    So there’s two deals happening here: one is a dedication to the evergreen Tintoretto, and the other is a church. Tintoretto was actually commissioned to paint for the church, and most of the works here are by him, or his assistants, including his son. And they are incredible. The church too has a nice history, and is once of the finest architectural accomplishments in the city (it has it...Read more
  11. Basilica Of St. Mary Of Health

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    They decided to build this Baroque church when the prayers against’ the plague were apparently heard and delivered. It took nearly half a century to build, but at the end of it, they had one of the largest churches in the city, and is considered a minor-basilica. Highlights include: Marian symbolism Baroque high altar Tintoretto’s Marriage at Cana A number of great works by Titian,...Read more
  12. Ca' Rezzonico

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    Ca' Rezzonico

    Museum, Architecture , Heritage Building

    As often happens when attempting to construct palaces in Europe, the builders died (1649) before completing the project. It’s subsequent owner left the building only his name. After being used as a rental for the rich and noble through the 19th and 20th century, the city of Venice finally acquired the building to house art. Throughout it’s history though, its tenants did their best...Read more
  13. St. Mark's Clocktower

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    St. Mark's Clocktower

    Landmark, Watch Tower, Architecture

    Like the rest of the buildings in this opulent square, the clock tower had only one real purpose: to impress. Built in the last decade of the 15th century (and much repaired and altered since), the blue-gold clock set’s off it’s grandeur even now with it’s many decorations, statuary, and sculpture-work. The clock’s broken down so many times that its boring news. However...Read more
  14. Castello Area

    Church, Religious Site, Garden, Park

    The Castello district of Venice is one of the oldest parts of the city of Venice. The place is famous for the Church of San Pietro di Castello and the Arsenale, the ship-building yards of the Venetian fleet. Visitors can find a great place relax in the shade of a tree in Public Gardens in Castello.   This area is one of the earliest sub-divisions of the city. It still retains that charm o...Read more
  15. Artigianato D'arte Di Vianello Mauro

    Arts And Crafts, Workshop

    When Mauro got into the glass business, he decided it was all or nothing. These days, his customers decide for him, as, day after day, he produces some of the most marvellous glass craftsmanship you’ll ever see. His creations are usually small, elegant and charming. For a fee, the bespectacled master will even give you a lecture and demonstration about his creative process (you can make ...Read more