Famous Museums in Venice

The museums in Venice give the very essence of its citizens and rich culture. If you are looking for something deeper and more meaningful, head to the museums in city. Explore the cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical side of Venice with these museums.
We have curated a variety of the best and free museums in city, besides the usual arts or historical ones. Explore and engage yourself with the wonders of science at the museum of science in Venice. Get fascinated by the exceptional stories of heroes at war museums or memorials. You can go wow with your kids at the Natural history museums or enjoy some time at children's museums in Venice.
Check out this list for an entertaining and enlightening trip to the museums in Venice.

Let's explore the finest collection of museums in Venice:

  1. Peggy Guggenheim Collection

    4.6 (16323 Votes)
    Peggy Guggenheim Collection

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Museum, Exhibition

    The American heiress Peggy Guggenheim made collecting tasteful art and hosting seasonal exhibitions a habit of hers. She lived here, at the 18th century Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, for over 30 years, and her influence has elevated the museum to a premier modern art museum. Picasso, Calder, Ernst, Pollock, Dali, Chagall, Giacometti, Klee, and some Italian Futurists – they’re all here....Read more
  2. Ca' Rezzonico

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    Ca' Rezzonico

    Museum, Architecture , Heritage Building

    As often happens when attempting to construct palaces in Europe, the builders died (1649) before completing the project. It’s subsequent owner left the building only his name. After being used as a rental for the rich and noble through the 19th and 20th century, the city of Venice finally acquired the building to house art. Throughout it’s history though, its tenants did their best...Read more
  3. Galleria Dell' Accademia

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    Galleria Dell' Accademia

    Art Gallery, Museum, Landmark, Historical Site

    The museum, which houses pre-19th century paintings, was also one of the first institutions in the world to study art restoration. The building itself dates back to 1343, and is the oldest Scuola Grandi (Great Schools) of Venice. The collection here is predominantly Venetian, and the arrangement is very general. That said, practically all of the Venice’s greatest painters from that era a...Read more
  4. Museo Correr

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    Museo Correr

    Art Museum, Museum

    This civic museum covers art and history of Venice. Its initial collection (and the building itself) was donated to the city by the famous collector Teodoro Correr. Most of that original collection was acquired from nobles selling of fine stuff in the wake of the fall of the Venetian Republic. Various bequests, donations and acquisitions added to this through the centuries. While the building&...Read more
  5. Naval History Museum And Arsenale

    Museum, History Museum

    Once upon a time, the Venetian Navy was quite simply the boss of navies everywhere. To commemorate this proud history, the city maintains this museum, said to be one of the finest of its kind. Originally constructed only to archive the models of historic ships, the collection quickly grew into 25,000+ objects. Now it contains military artillery, WWII torpedoes, eighteenth-century admiral Angel...Read more
  6. Natural History Museum Of Venice

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    Yes. Yet another Venice civic museum. This one centres around the Venetian lagoon. The collection, which has about 2 million objects covering botanical, entomological, and zoological specimens, stuffed animals, dinosaur fossils, and ethnographic collection, is beautifully presented. The staff is super friendly. Seriously, it’s an unexpected jewel of a place. Kids are usually especially t...Read more
  7. Ca' Pesaro

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    Ca' Pesaro

    Art Museum, Museum, Historical Site, Palace

    This 17th century Baroque marble palace houses one Venice’s 11 civic museums. The architecture by Longhena is sufficiently impressive, with a balanced and powerful Sansovinian influence. Pretty frescoe decorate the ceilings. Once, the building held a magnificent collection of the Pesaro family acquisitions – this has since been auctioned off to London. The city council now hosts th...Read more
  8. Museo Querini Stampalia

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    Museo Querini Stampalia

    Museum, Cafe

    This rich recreation of the living condition of the wealthy Querini family contains precious furniture, paintings, porcelain, globes, textiles and sculptures contained within rooms of fantastic stuccoes and frescoes. It’s like a houseful of conversation pieces. There are some undoubtable masterpieces among the paintings, the most stand-out of which is Giovanni Bellini's arresting Present...Read more
  9. Palazzo Mocenigo

    4.2 (720 Votes)
    Palazzo Mocenigo

    Museum, Bridge, Square

    A Venice Civic museum! Prominently located between Rialto Bridge and St Mark's Square, this unassuming looking palace actually has major claim to fame – it’s where Lord Byron resided during his time in Venice. This 40-room building complex was also home to seven different Doge’s of Venice. The gothic building now primarily houses a museum of textiles, costumes and fashion. Th...Read more
  10. San Pantalon

    4.6 (478 Votes)
    San Pantalon

    Art Museum, Art Gallery, Museum

    Looking at it from the outside, you’d wonder what in the world was so impressive about this museum? It’s brick, and squat, and inelegant, and barely anyone visits it. Still, we recommend stepping inside and looking into its heart of gold - the Martyrdom and Apotheosis of St Pantalon, an immense ceiling painting by Gian Antonio Fumiani. The coronation of the Virgin by Antonio Vivari...Read more
  11. Dorsoduro

    4.5 (2417 Votes)

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Art Gallery, Church

    Of the six sestiery in Venice, this has the greatest land area. It is higher than the rest of the city. Compared to other areas of Venice, Dorsoduro has an equal number of museums, churches and galleries to enjoy, but at much cheaper prices. The main sights of Dorsoduro are: The Gallerie dell’Accademia The Peggy Guggenheim Collection Innumerable baccari – cheap street snack bars Th...Read more
  12. Santa Croce

    Church, Museum, Palace, Neighborhoods

    This sestieri follows the north-west line of the Grand Canal. Since its Piazzale Roma contains the bus station, it’s one Venice’s busiest areas. The piazzale is also the only place in Venice where cars are allowed. But if you know where to look, it’s also one of Venice’s most charming. The neighbourhood gets its name from a now demolished church. In the churches place is...Read more
  13. Casino' Di Venezia

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    Casino' Di Venezia

    Museum, Food And Drinks, Casino, Heritage Building

    There are two attractions in this building: the casino, and the Wagner Museum. The beautiful and elegant three stories high Renaissance house was built in the late 15th century. As delicate as its classically inspired facade is, the interior beats it by its lavish architectural details, many paintings and sculptures. The ceilings, decorated by Mattia Bortoloni, is especially extravagant. The ca...Read more
  14. Museo Archeologico Nazionale

    Specialty Museum, Sculpture

    Established in 1523, the museum has quite an extensive collection of ancient coins, sculptures, ceramics and stones from the Greek and Roman civilisations of Antiquity, from as far back as the 1st Century BC. There are also items from the Assyrian, Babylonian, Tuscan and Egyptian areas, dated back to Neolithic ages. Busts of Roman Emperors and an archaeological collection borrowed from the Corr...Read more
  15. Museum Of Icons

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    Museum Of Icons

    Art Museum, Specialty Museum

    The Greek community of Venice were formed not just of merchants, but also refugees. The Turks had swarmed Constantinople in 1453, and many Greek refugees stole away a portion of their cultural and religious heritage as they fled. These were mostly religious icons, books and other important objects. Today, these items have a home in this museum. The museum also has a collection of art produced b...Read more