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Versailles, the city where the French royalty thrilled the world with its utterly grand and romantic architecture.The place where the French revolution was born in a single night. Home to innumerable royal figures, heck, even Napoleon.Site of some of the world’s grandest architecture and its most magnificent gardens.The site where the Peace Treaty to end WWI was signed between Germany and the Allies (in 1919, in the Hall of Mirrors). The object of countless romance novels.An absolute dream to look at, an absolute wonder to experience. A historical place, you cannot escape its past during your Versailles tour.

First Sunday of the month from November to March, free access to:

  • Flats and Hall of Mirrors
  • Exhibitions
  • Apartments of the Dauphin and Dauphine
  • Apartments Ladies
  • Coronation Room, Gallery of Battles, room 1830 (subject)
  • Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antoinette

Warning: Versailles is not the best place to party. If you’re looking for nightlife go back to Paris.

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