Best Time To Visit Vicenza, Italy

Best Time To Go To Vicenza

Replete with lots of hiking trails, ski resort and streets dotted with historical landmarks, Vicenza is a year round destination in Italy. The Weather in Vicenza is dry during the summers and cold in autumn and spring while the winters witness snowfall. Learn more about these seasons to decide as to when is the best time to visit Vicenza.

Summer (June to mid-September): The temperature around Vicenza reaches about 32 degree Celsius in summers on an average. With numerous hiking trails opening up in this season, Vicenza becomes the haven for hikers. Though frequent rainfall with irregular thunderstorm do happen in this season, it doesn’t cause much hamper in the tour around the city. That’s why summer is the peak season for Vicenza.

Winter (November to February): The average temperature is around -2 degree Celsius in winters. Though the temperature remains extremely low, the longer sunshine during day hours makes it possible for tourists to explore the ski resorts of this city. You can indulge in activities like skiing over here.

Spring (March to May): Spring season witnesses a temperature of about 15-17degree Celsius. While the earlier days of spring let you enjoy skiing, the later days of spring witness the freshly bloomed flowers along the mountain.

Autumn (mid-September to November): The temperature in autumns vary from 13-19degree Celsius. Unlike summer, this season doesn’t bring rise in temperature. At the same time, the climate also doesn’t become too cold like winters. Thus, the climate becomes perfect to explore Vicenza.

The ideal time to visit Vicenza is summer where one can enjoy the city’s uphill draws and hike around. But if you are not fond of crowd and wish to explore the historical site without getting bothered by overenthusiastic crowd, then spring and autumn are the best time to visit Vicenza.

Climate in Vicenza

Know weather for your travel dates:

Today 24 Apr



Partly cloudy in the morning.

Wind:0.29 m/s



  • Wed 25 Apr
    76 | 56

    Partly cloudy throughout the day.

  • Thu 26 Apr
    75 | 55

    Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

  • Fri 27 Apr
    78 | 56

    Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

  • Sat 28 Apr
    78 | 55

    Partly cloudy overnight.

  • Sun 29 Apr
    71 | 49

    Mostly cloudy until afternoon.

  • Mon 30 Apr
    68 | 50

    Partly cloudy overnight.

Month wise Weather in Vicenza

Average Temperature in Vicenza by month

  • 80℉
  • 60℉
  • 40℉
  • 20℉ 0℉

Average temperature: 33℉

Minimum temperature: 19℉

Maximum temperature: 48℉


Average temperature: 42℉

Minimum temperature: 32℉

Maximum temperature: 57℉


Average temperature: 51℉

Minimum temperature: 36℉

Maximum temperature: 72℉


Average temperature: 54℉

Minimum temperature: 34℉

Maximum temperature: 72℉


Average temperature: 62℉

Minimum temperature: 41℉

Maximum temperature: 82℉


Average temperature: 72℉

Minimum temperature: 54℉

Maximum temperature: 88℉


Average temperature: 73℉

Minimum temperature: 55℉

Maximum temperature: 88℉


Average temperature: 75℉

Minimum temperature: 46℉

Maximum temperature: 95℉


Average temperature: 61℉

Minimum temperature: 48℉

Maximum temperature: 77℉


Average temperature: 56℉

Minimum temperature: 39℉

Maximum temperature: 72℉


Average temperature: 45℉

Minimum temperature: 30℉

Maximum temperature: 61℉


Average temperature: 38℉

Minimum temperature: 27℉

Maximum temperature: 54℉

Highest temperature in Vicenza is recorded as 95℉ in August.

Lowest temperature in Vicenza is recorded as 19.4℉ in January.

Average Humidity in Vicenza by Month (in %)

  • 100
  • 75
  • 50
  • 25 0

Average Humidity: 64%

Minimum Humidity: 38%

Maximum Humidity: 90%


Average Humidity: 80%

Minimum Humidity: 59%

Maximum Humidity: 95%


Average Humidity: 68%

Minimum Humidity: 43%

Maximum Humidity: 90%


Average Humidity: 67%

Minimum Humidity: 34%

Maximum Humidity: 92%


Average Humidity: 71%

Minimum Humidity: 57%

Maximum Humidity: 85%


Average Humidity: 66%

Minimum Humidity: 51%

Maximum Humidity: 84%


Average Humidity: 66%

Minimum Humidity: 48%

Maximum Humidity: 77%


Average Humidity: 65%

Minimum Humidity: 54%

Maximum Humidity: 79%


Average Humidity: 77%

Minimum Humidity: 62%

Maximum Humidity: 92%


Average Humidity: 75%

Minimum Humidity: 58%

Maximum Humidity: 88%


Average Humidity: 79%

Minimum Humidity: 56%

Maximum Humidity: 93%


Average Humidity: 77%

Minimum Humidity: 61%

Maximum Humidity: 89%

Most humid month in Vicenza is February.

Least humid month in Vicenza is January.

Best time to visit Vicenza Attractions in April