Villa Almerico Capra

  • Address: Via della Rotonda 45, 36100, Vicenza, Italy
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • Tags: Landmarks, Buildings And Structures

Villa Almerico Capra - Review

Having been added to several Vicenza itineraries, the Villa Almerico Capra lures onlookers with its one of a kind structure. It holds great historical significance too, along with adding beautifully to the city’s charm. If you have been planning to visit Vicenza, Italy then a visit to the Villa Almerico Capra is a must, more so if you are someone drawn towards unusual designs. Owing to its location in one of the most prime areas of the city, this attraction is also counted as one of the best things to do in Vicenza. On this page, as you read on, you will get vital information about the building making sure your experience is satisfying.

To begin with, you have got to know the exact address of Villa Almerico Capra, which you will find on this page. Along with the address, to make it more convenient for you, we have the “Show on maps” feature. This feature is integrated with the very reliable maps. Thus, along with the best route to Villa Almerico Capra, you will also be updated live with directions as well as traffic updates.

If you have second thoughts about visiting the Villa Almerico Capra have a look at the number of times it has been added to several trip plans. The user generated trip plans are something that you must check out since these give a good insight into the typical pattern of visitors.

Check out where do visitors usually head from or to the Villa Almerico Capra. You could clone these trip plans or simply choose from a wide array of day wise Vicenza trip plans. These trip plans are ideal to shape any Vicenza itineraries given their incredible composure.

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Finally, if you think we have missed out some information that could add to visitor’s experience, get in touch! Whether you have information with regards to address, contact number, timings, ticket prices, address and even photographs, you can let us know and we’ll give you credit for your amazing contribution towards this Vicenza day by day trip itinerary planner!

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  • Villa Almerico Capra Address: Via della Rotonda 45, 36100, Vicenza, Italy
  • Villa Almerico Capra Price: Free
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Villa Almerico Capra, Vicenza Reviews

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  • B&B Il Piccolo Giardino Contra San Domenico 50
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  • Suore Maestre di Santa Dorotea Contrada Porta Padova 17
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