Things to do in Vienna

Top Things To Do In Vienna

Explore the best things to do in Vienna. These are the most preferred tourist activities.

Top Tourist Attractions in Vienna

Must see places in Vienna ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Vienna and point of interests to visit.

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What To Do in Vienna: Day-Wise Ideas

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Best Places to Go and to Do in Vienna

The Republic of Austria sure has a lot to offer when it comes to being an attractive travelling destination. Home to myriad attractions like large palaces, quaint coffee shops, bustling neighbourhoods and colourful marketplaces, there is absolutely no end to the number of things you can do here! You can spend days here exploring the nuances and still can't get enough of it. For people who are wondering what to do here can start by visiting its many museums with prominent one being Kunsthistorisches Museum and Albertina. Not only the museums are interesting with their range of artefacts, but quite informative as well. A great chance to brush up your knowledge! Once done go on to visit the another popular MAK- Austrian Museum of Applied Arts which is a must in Vienna. Explore the architecture of the city while trotting through the streets or indulge in its sumptuous food scene, embark on an engaging road trip on the well paved 'Ring Road' or indulge yourself in one of the many festivals, you can be sure shot assured to have an amazing time here.

Things to do in Vienna for Adults

Apart from being the centrepiece of Austria's economy and culture, Vienna is also a popular tourist destination known for its relics, cultural significance and a rich history. There is absolutely no dearth in the number of things you can do here. Start your Vienna trip by visiting Tiergarten Schoenbrunn - Zoo Vienna. Not only it is one of the most popular attraction, it is one of the most interesting as well. Come here and witness the large variety of animals housed here. After that, have a visit to the baroque in Schönbrunn Palace. You will be charmed by how beautiful the entire building is! Walk around the place, check out its architecture and have a really nice time here. Among many things that the place is known for, the range of culinary prowess strikes out the most to me. You will get plenty of food indulgence and you don't have to do much to experience it. Just pick up your backpacks and walk through the streets of the city and you will come across various food joints selling great delicacies that you will love and probably get addicted to. If you are interested in history, you can always go for one of the many museums in the city.

Things to do in Vienna in winters

One of the best time of visiting Vienna is in winters as with Christmas being just around the corner, there come a plethora of things to do in Vienna in December. Though it might get a little crowded that time, the extra put effort always pays off. If you are wondering what to do in Vienna in 3 days around the main event, you are in for a surprise. Go to the museums first. Of course, with a history as large as its, it is the best place to start your detour with. The most popular museum is Kunsthistorisches Museum or Museum of Fine Arts. Situated in Innere Stadt, it is home to some really unique relics and items providing great insights into the city's history. If you are a couple coming here on a romantic trip, there are plenty of romantic things to do in Vienna as well. Walk through the numerous Christmas markets that the place has with the prominent ones being Rathaus, Spittelberg and Maria-Theresien-Platz and immerse in the world of shopping and fun. Make her happy by buying her a gift that she will cherish forever. Once you are done with that, visit the other places like St. Stephen's Cathedral. Walk around the surrounding, and admire its architecture which is quite renowned and bespeaks of the city's old time. Spend the rest relaxing in the green plains of Schonbrunner Gardens which is among the most serene places in the city. If you are visiting the city with family, the garden is perfect for you as you children will love the ambience while you will find some quiet time introspecting.

Things to do in Vienna at night

Nightlife in Vienna is a quiet affair, but it does not mean that there are not many things to do and enjoy here. Take a ride on the ring road which is one of the best sites in the city and check out its amazing architecture which is known to be what we call quintessential Ring Road style architecture. Once you are done with that, set off on a backpacking tour through the city and experience it up and close. Go to the street side restaurants and taste the delicious kebaps which are a speciality here. Even the varied food stall lining the side of the streets provides one with quite an indulgence. If you are coming here during the renowned carnival season, get ready for a fun-filled experience. Attend one of the many balls that takes place in here during carnival seasons with locality being very posh like Vienna Hofburg. While all of them are unique, the one that steals the show is

Opera Ball held in the state opera every year. For couples coming here in February will also get a lot of things to do in Vienna in February. The place has around 21 markets, all decked with varied items and products that will leave you two with plenty to enjoy here.

Free things to do in Vienna

The best things about museums in Vienna is that they are free. Rich in culture, the place is no less of a heaven for art lovers and historians who can come here to indulge in its history and that too without having to pay for it. Walk around the premises of MUSA and check out the numerous artefacts decked in here. There is another one which is quite popular as well and that is Bezirksmuseum. For children and teenagers, there is no lack of it either. Take your kids to Albertina and let them have a look into one of the most important print rooms in the world. Coming here will not only garner their interest but will provide enough fuel for their curiosity to keep them engaged. The names, of course, doesn't end here! There are some others too that are worth a visit including Technisches Museum,

Naturhistorisches Museum and Liechtenstein museum. Take a tour to the top point of The Kahlenberg and get a panoramic view of the city. If nothing, visit the Viennese Civil hall and check out the various events that takes place in front of it year around. Stroll the garden or partake in the season's free concert in Donauinselfest. It is an open music festivals and sees a lot of visitors throughout the year. As for rests, the helpful folks and the vibrance of the place makes up for the lot which is absolutely free here.

Things to do in Vienna in one-day

Vienna in one day though may be hard but is not impossible. If you have planned nicely, you can check out the city in one day. Even if you have been here for few days and want to look out for some unique things to do in Vienna this weekend, rest assured, you will not be disappointed. Check out the State Opera house which hosts some unique opera shows throughout the year. Check out the details online beforehand to avoid unnecessary hassles. After that visit the Belvedere Palace Museum and check out the unique and apparently largest collection of Gustav Klimt's paintings in here. You must definitely not miss this! Save the rest of the time to check out the breathtaking architecture of Hofburg. Just looking at this imperial palace will give you the feeling of tranquility and serenity. You can actually spend plenty of time here walking around, clicking pictures or just revelling in its beauty.