How to Reach Vik

Vik is a small village which lies to the south of Iceland. There are very few roads to go to vik other than the ring road which is your best option. You can hop onto a bus that stops by Vik or rent a car and drive there by yourself.

Get in

  • By Air: You can land at the Reykjavik-Keflavik Airport - the largest international airport in Iceland. The airport lies 50 km southwest from Reykjavik. There’s also the Reykjavik Airport which is a domestic airport primarily operated by Air Iceland and Eagle Air. Once at the airport, you can opt for a bus or a car to enter Vik.
  • By Bus: Vik is about 170 km away from Reykjavik. If you take a bus from Reykjavik, you will reach Vik within 2-4 hours. Although, it might take longer to reach the village during winters.
  • By car: You can hire a car to drive by the ring road yourself. This will give you the freedom to drive at your own pace and enjoy the scenic journey. In case you don’t want to drive by yourself, you can either hire a private driver or you have the option of ‘car pooling’ wherein you travel along with other passengers.

Get Around

  • Walking: Vik is a very tiny village which you can entirely cover walking. However, it may get a bit difficult to reach certain sights of interest in Vik on foot.
  • Car: Many interesting places in Vik are reachable only through gravel tracks. So, the best way to move around Vik is by car.