How to Reach Villach


  • By train: Trains go to Villach from most places in Austria as it is the railway gateway and boarding a train from any city is an easy task. Trains can be taken from Vienna, Linz, Salzburg and many more.
  • By car: Arriving in Villach is possible from most places around it and there are plenty of safe highways that can get you to your destination. A10 Tauernautobahn, A2 Südautobahn are just some of the major routes taken.
  • By Plane: There is no international Airport in Villach so getting off at Klagenfurt which is only 40 kilometres from the city is a good idea. Taxi and rental car services are available conveniently.


  • Local bus lines are available in the city and bus no.10, operated by a company called Kowatsch can take you to all the historically important places in the city.
  • The city itself is big in size but can be covered on foot fairly easily. There are other travel options available in the form of busses, rental cars/taxis and trains from the Villach train station.
  • For people who hate missing out on anything, travelling by foot is the best plan of action though when shopping booking a cab would be more convenient.