Best Things To Do in Vilnius, Lithuania

Are you looking for what to do in Vilnius?

Given its medieval and old town, the heritage monuments will leave you spellbound. There are numerous museums and historic buildings throughout the city along with a rich art and craft culture. Most of the sites also have a significant French influence, that are beautifully revering.

One of the best places to bask in the city’s medievalism is at the charming Vilnius Old Town. Its many streets, perfect for long strolls, hold a unique history to themselves.

The several shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and architecturally momentous buildings, will keep you engaged throughout the day.

Masterpiece churches like St. Peter & Paul's Church, the gothic St. Anne's Church, baroque architecture gem the Cathedral are a must-visit.

The Gediminas Tower is a notable spot for spectacular views of the Old Town. There are many opportunities inside to enlighten yourselves on the city’s iconic history. The KGB museum too cannot go missed, its audio guide takes you through three levels of history at your own pace. Other must-visit museum is the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania, it is free of cost. It educates on the story of currency as a concept, thus, a great place for kids.

And if you long for some more lazy strolls and naps amidst beautiful flowers, then head to the Bernardine Gardens!

Below we have a list of things to do in Vilnius and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Vilnius getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Vilnius with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Vilnius

Here is the list of things to do in Vilnius and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Vilnius Old Town

    4 (529 Votes)
    Vilnius Old Town

    Walking Area, Old Town

    The very heart and essence of the city of Vilnius, the Old Town is one of the biggest existing townships dating back to the medieval era. The whole area has undergone continuous changes, what with various foreign invasions and influences from the rest of Europe pouring in through trade and intellectual channels. These changes can be seen in the various architectural styles of the city – G...Read more
  2. Gediminas Tower

    4.6 (661 Votes)
    Gediminas Tower

    Museum, Landmark, Tower

    A part of the Upper Castle of Vilnius, the Gediminas’ Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. A museum filled with archaeological finds from the ruins of the castle is located inside the tower. The tower is also an excellent place to enjoy a glorious view of the entire city of Vilnius, thus also making it an ideal place to kick start your journey of touring the L...Read more
  3. Museum Of Genocide Victims

    4.5 (219 Votes)
    Museum Of Genocide Victims


    The Museum of Genocide Victims is a very important, yet somber exhibition in Vilnius that showcases the blatant human rights abuses and atrocities committed under the repressive Soviet regime. A number of documents are displayed here which stand testament to the illegal arrests, detainments, tortures and executions that were carried out against the local populate. Established in 1992, after the...Read more
  4. St. Anne's Church

    4.8 (569 Votes)
    St. Anne's Church

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    The Roman Catholic Church dedicated to St. Anne is one of the most popular and astoundingly beautiful landmarks of Vilnius. Mere words cannot do apt justice to the architectural beauty of the church! Classic Gothic style of architecture is visible in the structure, and its beauty has enamored the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte, who expressed the desire to carry the building in the palm of his hand...Read more
  5. Vilnil. Museum Of Illusions

    4.6 (270 Votes)
    Vilnil. Museum Of Illusions

    Specialty Museum

    Enter the magical world of science and get to know how your mind gets shrouded by optical illusions through simple yet deceptive illustrations. This museum is a fun way to understand the workings of science in day to day lives and how some of the logical and day to day phenomenon can result into delusions. This museum creates fascinating impressions upon your mind to be remembered forever. For ...Read more
  6. Vilnius Cathedral

    4.7 (390 Votes)
    Vilnius Cathedral

    Religious Site, Cathedral

    The Vilnius Cathedral is one of the most significant religious icons for the Roman Catholic citizens of Vilnius and also for the general populate. It was particularly important during the medieval era, when the coronation of the Grand Dukes used to take place within the cathedral. It is also the burial place for eminent personalities of Lithuanian history, especially its rulers. Various artwork...Read more
  7. Ausros Vartai

    4.7 (273 Votes)
    Ausros Vartai


    One of the only surviving city gates, out of the five that were built in the early 16th century, the Gates of Dawn is of immense architectural as well as spiritual value. This particular attraction is of immense religious importance to a number of visitors, because of its association to the cult of Virgin Mary. In fact, a painting of the Virgin Mary placed inside the chapel of the Gate is very ...Read more
  8. Uzupis

    Walking Area, Neighborhoods

    Uzupis meaning ‘other side of the river’ is a very peculiar neighborhood of Vilnius that has attracted a number of artists, musicians and free thinkers ever since its establishment. Peculiar because the people residing here have declared Uzupis to be an independent republic ever since 1st April 1997. Though it hasn’t been officially recognized by any government, they have also...Read more
  9. Church Of St. Peter And St. Paul

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Officially consecrated in the year 1702, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Peter and St. Paul is a spectacular structure showcasing the skills of the Baroque style of architecture. The interiors of the Church are nothing short of spectacular! The ceilings and walls are adorned with various frescoes and paintings, marvelous chandeliers hang from the ceiling and various precious artifacts can be f...Read more
  10. Three Crosses

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    Three Crosses

    Landmark, Monument, Hill

    One of the most recognizable monument and landmark of Vilnius, the Hill of Three Crosses is a must visit attraction on a tour of this Lithuanian city. The hill was previously known as Bleak Hill, and according to popular folklore, it was the site of beheadings of 7 Franciscan Friars who were spreading the word of the Gospel. Wooden crosses were initially erected at the spot, but they would...Read more
  11. Televizijos Bokstas

    4.5 (84 Votes)
    Televizijos Bokstas

    Landmark, Tower

    The 1071 feet tall Vilnius TV tower is probably the highest structure in the whole country, thus making it ideal to broadcast TV and radio shows. Though an entertainment hub, the tower has a dark blot in its history when a number of unarmed civilians were killed and injured while opposing the forcible seizure of the tower by the Soviet army. A small museum now stands inside the base of the towe...Read more
  12. Vilniaus Universitetas

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    Vilniaus Universitetas

    Educational Site, University

    The Vilnius University is the largest and also one of the oldest universities in all of North European countries. First started in 1579, the university has seen a number of closures since inception, due to various circumstances like wars and political vendettas. It has had the honor of nurturing a number of great talents like the Nobel Prize winner poet – Czeslaw Milosz, scientists and th...Read more
  13. Gediminas Avenue
    The Gediminas Avenue, for all practical purposes, can be called the lifeline street of Vilnius. It is home to almost all of the important governmental and cultural institutions like Parliament, Court, Bank of Lithuania, National Library and many more such eminent buildings. Formally the street was built in 1836, and even renamed to Adolf Hitler street when it was under the Third Reich! Under So...Read more
  14. Lietuvos Banko Pinigu Muziejus

    Museum, Exhibition

    Like its name gives away, the Lithuanian Bank Money Museum has anything and everything to do with the history of currency and banking in Lithuania. It boasts of some priceless exhibitions, enjoyable, highly interactive exhibitions and detailed information of the international and national economic exchanges. Exhibitions like a huge weighing scale, which lets visitors estimate their value in rat...Read more
  15. Palace Of The Grand Dukes Of Lithuania

    Museum, Historical Site, Palace

    The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania National Museum was a former palace that was built around the 15th century for the grand Dukes of Lithuania. Tragically the original structure was demolished in 1801 by the occupying Tsarist Russian forces. After liberation from Soviet rule, this magnificent building was rebuilt in 2002 to give Lithuanians and foreign visitors both a chance to relive t...Read more