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At first glance, it can be a little hard to see and understand why Volendam is so ridiculously popular with tourists and travel guides. One is reminded of how some celebrities are famous for being famous. But as you explore the town and get to know it, it all makes perfect sense.

For one, you realise that the village's look and layout have basically been unchanged for the past 600 years, and you're getting a very real look into something original and historic. The pretty buildings and the lovely and lively marina aren't just there for show. Head out into the jetty and mingle with the locals there; it’s the thing to do. Also check out the church from the 17th century.

Cheese processing and farming is synonymous with the village; the tours are for free. One cheese farm even has an adjoining wooden shoe factory that makes famous Dutch style clogs. At the Palinsound Museum, discover the artists that developed a unique genre of pop music and helped put the city on the national map.

Below we have a list of things to do in Volendam and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Volendam getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Volendam with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Volendam

Here is the list of things to do in Volendam and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Cheese Factory Volendam

    4.3 (273 Votes)
    Cheese Factory Volendam

    Museum, Exhibition

    The Dutch have a firm love affair with their cheese. This museum and factory exhibits the history, evolution and current production methods of Dutch cheese. There are three sections to the tour: Museum: Located in the basement, this room explores the discovery of cheese 6000 years ago, and traditional cheese making methods through historical artefacts and photographs. Factory: An expert will t...Read more
  2. Roompot Vakanties Marinapark Volendam

    Outdoors, Beach, Wildlife Park, Cafe

    There's only one thing to do here. Come, stand, and wish you lived here. In front of a row of colorful Volendam style houses is this new marina. It was opened in 2007. It has space for about 500 moderate sized boats. Walk out onto the main jetty in the centre. Kids will like it there. There are picnic tables. The harbour office at the end of the jetty is a good place to take pictures from. A gr...Read more
  3. Foto De Boer

    4.3 (326 Votes)
    Foto De Boer
    Tourists head into this local favourite photo studio for one reason alone - to get a picture clicked of themselves dressed in a traditional ancient Volendam costume. You should just know that locals consider this horribly kitschy, as no one who lives here would be caught dead wearing it. It's still a fun souvenir to take home though, as you get various costume options, a number of accessories, ...Read more
  4. Volendams Museum

    4.3 (99 Votes)
    Volendams Museum

    Art Gallery, Museum, Photo Gallery, Exhibition

    Every visiting tourist is after a while struck by a curious question - why is Volendam so famous? For all purposes and intents, it looks like any regular port town, albeit a pretty one. This museum, while exploring the evolution of Volendam into a modern town in the late 19th and early 20th century, answers that question. There is a wonderful exhibit of Volendam art - drawings, sculptures, cera...Read more
  5. Cheese And Wooden Shoes Factory Alida Hoeve

    Specialty Shop

    Think of the following cheeses - Edam, Gouda, Sheep and Goat. Think of getting intimate with them, knowing how they were made, how to tell the subtle differences in their textures and flavours. That's what you'll learn at this beautiful Noord-Holland farmhouse. The staff, dressed in the local traditional costume, greet you and take you on tour. After you're done, you should check out the gift s...Read more
  6. Smit-bokkum

    4.5 (45 Votes)

    Museum, Restaurant, Exhibition , Specialty Museum

    Palingpop is a very specific sound of pop music developed almost exclusively by Volendam artists. In this museum, above a rather excellent restaurant, is are roomfuls of memorabilia in tribute of the creators who popularized the genre at home and abroad. It explores 100 years of musical history through artefacts, instruments, awards, records, and photographs. The warmly lit exhibit has every wa...Read more
  7. Stolphoevekerk

    Church, Religious Site

    Built in 1658, this is the oldest church in Volendam. The bell homestead (or farmhouse) style building is made entirely out of wood. Inside is an 18th century organ, with pipes from different periods from history. There is a bell tower on top. The Protestant church was made a national monument in 1976. It is still in active use, but is usually closed to tourists and visitors. Most just take a p...Read more
  8. Vincentiuskerk

    Church, Religious Site, Concert

    Volendam's second most famous church is a Catholic one. It was built in 1860. In addition to being a place of prayer, it is also regularly used for organ concerts. The Volendam Opera Choir holds an annual concert as well. The organ at the church today was built in 1916, though the church only acquired it in 1971. In case there is a service for a celebration, baptism, wedding or funeral, church ...Read more
  9. Visafslag

    4.4 (70 Votes)


    Sadly, the days that fish was auctioned off here in a spirited round of purchasing in the morning have long passed. The building was built in 1934 and is today regarded as a monument. Its insides are decorated to represent a traditional Volendam room. Sometimes, during school events or cultural activities, the whole fish market vibe is recreated at this house.
  10. N Drinks Volendam

    3.9 (14 Votes)
    N Drinks Volendam Image

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Cafe, Leisure

    This cocktail and coffee bar is popular with tourists and locals alike. The mixology is innovative and delicious. The finger food and tapas is delectable. The service is proficient. The atmosphere is chilled out. The bar offers a short workshop on cocktail mixing, with a prize for the best mixer in the class.
  11. Rederij Volendam/marken Express B.v.

    4.4 (6 Votes)
    Haven 39, 1131 EP Volendam, Netherlands
  12. De Koraalvis

    Zuideinde 1, 1131 AC Volendam, Netherlands
  13. Volendam, Marinapark

    1131 CX Volendam, Netherlands
  14. Valkenburg

  15. Volendam

    Volendam, Netherlands