Events and Festivals in Vrindavan

  • Janmashtami Festival: This festival commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna. Plays called 'Raaslila' are put up during this time, depicting the life of the deity.
  • Brahmotsava Festival: this festival takes place ten days after Holi, and the main highlight of this festival is the 'Rath Ka Mela' , where thousands of devotees pull a giant wooden chariot from and to the Rangji Temple.
  • Jhulan Purnima: Also known as the Swing Festival, Jhulan Purnima is highly popular here. It takes place in late July or in August, and is a celebration of the union of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. Idols of both the deities are placed on swings, which are decorated, along with fruits and sweets.
  • Swami Haridas Sangeet Avam Nratya Mahotsav: This festival of music and dance is one of the oldest international festivals to take place in India. It is organised in memory of Swami Haridas.

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