How to Reach Vyborg - The Easiest Way to Reach Vyborg

How to Get to Vyborg

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Lappeenranta airport and it is about 71 kilometers from Vyborg. The airport is connected to major cities in Russia like Moscow and Ekaterinburg. From the airport you get a bus or taxi to reach Vyborg.
  • By Train: High speed allegro trains from St. Petersburg and Helsinki are available to reach Vyborg.
  • By Bus: International Coach Lines are available from Helsinki, Turku and Lappeenranta to reach Vyborg. 

How to Get Around Vyborg

  • By Bus: Buses are available to move around Vyborg.
  • By Walk: Being a small town tourist can take walk to nearby places in Vyborg.
  • By Car/Taxi: Cars and taxi are available on rent to move around in Vyborg.

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How to Reach Vyborg from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Helsinki to Vyborg 427.47 km 7 hours 7 mins
Apeldoorn to Vyborg 2685.77 km 44 hours 45 mins
Tel aviv to Vyborg 2776.62 km 46 hours 16 mins
Amsterdam to Vyborg 2793.87 km 46 hours 33 mins
Hackney to Vyborg 3346.9 km 55 hours 46 mins
Bangkok to Vyborg 7631.33 km 127 hours 11 mins
Nonthaburi to Vyborg 7632.89 km 127 hours 12 mins
Singapore to Vyborg 7654 km 127 hours 34 mins
Baulkham hills to Vyborg 8107.87 km 135 hours 7 mins
Lake worth to Vyborg 12269.92 km 204 hours 29 mins