Events and Festivals in Warsaw

  • Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival (April): Every year, to honour one of the greatest composers to ever grace this Earth, the Ludwig van Beethoven Festival is organized to conduct concerts and exhibitions held at the Warsaw Philharmonic. Though the festival primarily focuses on Beethoven’s work, the festival also pays tributes to other famous composers of that era.
  • The International Street Art Festivals (July): The most unconventional exchange of cultures and identities if there was, the International Street Art Festival takes all of Warsaw by storm. Imagine artists from all over Europe filling up the streets and using Warsaw as their canvas. Acrobats, clowns, artists and musicians to name a few all add to what can only be referred to as a global collaboration!
  • Anniversary of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising (August): The uprising of 1944 was an important turn of events in the history of the world and more importantly, Poland. Several commemorative ceremonies are conducted all over the city.
  • Piano Festival (November): The only eagerly awaited event in November is the Piano Festival. The Royal Palace plays host to a series of piano recitals/concerts performed by some of the world’s renowned pianists.

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