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  • Warsaw Old Town: The only UNESCO World Heritage in Warsaw is the Old Town area which was rebuilt from the foundations after the Germans mercilessly annihilated the city as retaliation for the Polish resistance. It took half a decade and some very dedicated citizens to rebuild what was once the pride of Warsaw. Every ruin worth its weight in architecture was incorporated into re-building the Old Town. One of the best ways to explore the town is by taking a walking tour.
  • The Royal Castle: Yet another landmark that was reconstructed, the Royal Caste is now home to Poland’s Parliament. Home of the last King of Poland. It’s said that during the reconstruction of the Old Town, the paintings of the city’s panorama that used to hang in the Castle, came in very handy. One such painting is on display in one of the many rooms of the Castle. If time permits, attend a concert felt in the Ballroom or the courtyard-it’ll take you back to the time of the kings!
  • The Warsaw Uprising Museum: No city in Poland has suffered as much as Warsaw when it came to war. The uprising of 1944 was an important moment in history. The German retaliated by lashing out and destroying live and like. A visit to this state-of-the art museum will definitely have you sympathizing with the city. Located in what used to be a power station, the museum will give you a blow-by-blow account of the events that led to the invasion, destruction and the subsequent re-building of the city, complete with personal accounts and lot of interactive forms of communication.
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: All that’s left of the Saxon Palace today is a few remains and a couple of arches. To honour the valiant solider who passed away in World War I, Soviet-Polish wars and then World War II, a monument is erected as a tribute. Every Sunday at noon, there’s a ceremonial change of guard and during weekdays, it’s done on an hourly basis on a smaller scale.
  • Praga: Right across from the river lies Praga, a part of Warsaw and yet not in the least like it. Untouched during World War II, Praga was considered to be the hub of all under-the-table activities. For all those who have seen ‘The Pianist’, all the scenes of dereliction were shot in Praga. This impression is soon changing as businesses flourished with reasonable real estate prices and the New National Stadium. Tourists are advised from wandering into shady alleyways or areas; you’re safe as long as you stick to the tourist zones.
  • Fryderyk Chopin Museum: Apart from Madame Curie, the next well-known Pole is composer Fryderyk Chopin. The four-storied Ostrogoski Palace is transformed into a museum to tell the tale of Poland’s famous composer. Exhibits include the last piano he played on, listening booths to appreciate his compositions and multi-media visuals on Chopin’s life and journey. A trip to the Chopin Museum is sure to help you “Experience Chopin”- the motto of the museum.
  • Lazienki Park: This massive park is a Warsaw weekend favourite. It’s approximately 80 acres provide a much needed contrast to the city’s otherwise austerely coloured architecture. It’s filled with a palace, flowers, statues, monuments and wildlife. 
  • Palace of Culture and Science: Built by the Soviets, this is the tallest building in Polland and is seen as a sign of unwelcome Russian dominance.
  • Wilanow palace and Museum: Polland's first Public museum, the gallery displays Polish Royalty portraits and the Royal apartments, which include furniture, ceramics, clothing and some lovely paintings.
  • Copernicus Science Centre: Radio Polski once use to organise science picnics, which were mainly directed at the children of Warsaw. Today, it is known for activites like astronomy, biology, social sciences, history oand geology
  • Lazienki Palace: This 18th century palace is set in scenic gardens, amidst a huge lake which adds to the beauty of the place, this place is worth visiting on your trip.
  • Saxon Garden: Also known as Ogrod Saski, this is one of the oldest parks in the city built in 18th century for the King August II.

Below we have a list of things to do in Warsaw and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Warsaw getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

Here is the list of things to do in Warsaw and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Warsaw Old Town

    Church, Walking Area, Food And Drinks, Club

    You’d need a day to fully appreciate the sights of this wonderful, atmosphere thick and historic neighbourhood. Most of what you’ll see here was carefully reconstructed after widespread destruction in WWII. Carry a camera, for you’ll find endless reasons to click away. Visit the Church of the Holy Cross and the Grave of the Unknown Soldier. The Marie Curie museum is nearby. T...Read more
  2. Lazienki Park

    4.8 (4334 Votes)
    Lazienki Park


    This massive park is a Warsaw weekend favourite. It’s approximately 80 acres provide a much needed contrast to the city’s otherwise austerely coloured architecture. It’s filled with a palace, flowers, statues, monuments and wildlife. Tourists also find it a lovely break from Warsaw’s usually depressing museums and attractions. Birds flock around the miniature lake and t...Read more
  3. Warsaw Uprising Museum

    4.7 (3570 Votes)
    Warsaw Uprising Museum

    Museum, War Memorial

    The museum has a single purpose to tell the story of it’s namesake, when in WWII, the Polish resistance Home Army tried to retake Warsaw from Germany. It was the single largest resistance effort in Europe in the entire war. The museum tries to tell the story of this uprising in it’s every facet, whether in the form of weapons used or love letters sent. It’s arranged so beauti...Read more
  4. Wilanow Palace And Museum

    4.6 (2405 Votes)
    Wilanow Palace And Museum

    Museum, Historical Site, Palace, Concert

    This is one of Poland’s first public museums. It’s a bit remarkable that the museum even functions today, considering that most of its exhibits were annexed by the Nazi’s in WWII, but thankfully these were repatriated. Modelled on the Versailles by King John III Sobieski for his French wife, the palace is in the Baroque style. Its main exhibits are the gallery of Polish Royal...Read more
  5. Copernicus Science Centre

    4.6 (3417 Votes)
    Copernicus Science Centre

    Science Museum, Educational Site

    The origin of this rather futuristic looking building is a bit curious. Radio Polski once use to organise science picnics, which were mainly directed at the children of Warsaw. During these picnics, natural and scientific phenomena were explored in a rather hands on manner. As popularity in this activity grew, the authorities used EU funds to build this beautiful museum to facilitate the count...Read more
  6. Palace Of Culture And Science

    Museum, Park, Landmark, Historical Site

    Pretty much all those who live close by hate this building, the tallest in Poland and certainly the most prominent in Warsaw. It was built by the Soviets, and thus is seen as a sign of unwelcome Russian dominance. It’s also said to greatly detract from the city’s aesthetic appeal. A running joke goes that the only place to tolerate the building is from the top of it, as that’...Read more
  7. Warsaw National Museum

    4.6 (3227 Votes)
    Warsaw National Museum

    Art Museum, Art Gallery, Museum

    The museum’s main collections comprise of ancient art, polish art, numismatics (coin collections), applied art and oriental art and all of these are quite extensive. The museum underwent some display changes recently, when the collections were rearranged by theme rather than by historical period. Of special interest are the Faras Gallery, which displays early Christian Art and the Mediev...Read more
  8. Old Town Square Market

    4.7 (3690 Votes)
    Old Town Square Market

    Landmark, Entertainment, Market

    Old Town Square Market is one of those structures in Warsaw that appeals to people of all ages and tastes. There are several wonderful cafes, pubs, restaurants and museum around this square to ensure you have a great time. You don’t need tickets for Old Town Square Market as it is a free attraction. If you plan on booking a tour then you can go ahead on our ticket section and also check ...Read more
  9. The Royal Way

    Art And Culture, Landmark, Walking Area, Historical Site

    This walk is a good way to get to know Warsaw before you actually go and check anything out. A series of interconnected streets take you past some of the city’s most significant attractions, so you’ll know what to come back to later. That said, it also make for quite a romantic walk. It starts off from Plac Zamkowy at the castle and leads down the beautiful River Pistula. The best...Read more
  10. Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

    4.8 (3178 Votes)
    Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

    Memorial, Tomb

    A monument dedicated to polish soldiers who fought with valour for their motherland in the World War 1, tomb of unknown soldiers will leave you affected. Located on the Pilsudski square, this memorial is the only surviving part of the Saxon palace which was occupied in World War 2. Lit by an eternal flame in the memory of the soldiers, there is a change of guard every hour all year long. Also,...Read more
  11. Royal Castle

    4.6 (1187 Votes)
    Royal Castle

    Landmark, Castle, Historical Site, Heritage Building

    The official residence of the Polish monarchs, this castle located right in the castle square of Warsaw and has the great historical charm which is unmissable. A historical monument, national museum and a UNESCO world heritage site, the castle was of utmost strategic and political importance to the city. The royal castle was destroyed in the World War 2 but was restored by intricate efforts. T...Read more
  12. St Annes Church

    4.7 (2756 Votes)
    St Annes Church

    Church, Religious Site, Performance, Archaeological Site

    The Church as it exists today looks the same as it did in the sixteenth century, but that’s the result of careful preservation and reconstruction. It’s one of Warsaw’s oldest building and thus one of the most important ones. It’s interiors are done up in high-baroque style and the frescoes are something spectacular. The best way to enjoy the church is to attend the mass...Read more
  13. Fryderyk Chopin Museum

    4.3 (2379 Votes)
    Fryderyk Chopin Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    Dedicated to the world famous composer who created divine masterpieces in the field of music and who is considered as one of the eternal and timeless musicians of the world. This museum has two branches and spread over five levels of exhibition space, has precious manuscripts of Chopin that were obtained from his family and relatives. The museum also houses collection of photographs and record...Read more
  14. Lazienki Palace

    4.7 (2302 Votes)
    Lazienki Palace

    Palace, Picnic Spot

    Known as the palace on water, be here for admiring the opulent palace with charming decor. This 18th palace is set in scenic gardens, amidst a huge lake which adds to the beauty of the place, this place is worth visiting on your trip. The interior gives you a glimpse of the royal lifestyle and the collectibles form the royal family are worth observing! The location and the outdoors make it fav...Read more
  15. Warsaw Zoo

    4.5 (1323 Votes)
    Warsaw Zoo


    Zoological garden in Warsaw, also known as Warsaw Zoo. Its home to 5000 animals of 500 different species and spread over 40 hectares is the Warsaw. With two indoor pools, outdoor pools, indoor walks and paddocks are made available. Here you can see native Polish animals like otters, brown bears and storks. African elephants, Hippopotamus and shark aquarium, Rothschild giraffes, ...Read more

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