Fun and Entertaining Places in Washington D. C.

The city of Washington D. C. will not disappoint you when it comes to entertainment. Be it the vibrant shopping streets, bustling nightlife, or creative theaters, you will find different fun and entertainment options in Washington D. C.. Here is the extensive list of all the entertainment places in Washington D. C. that are bound to make your vacation a memorable one. With so many options to choose from, you will never have to worry about what to do in Washington D. C. anymore.

Let's explore the best places for fun and entertainment in Washington D. C.:

  1. White House

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    White House

    Landmark, Historical Site, Architecture , Hall

    The Famous White House is perhaps one of the most symbolic and iconic structures of the USA. This place is the residence of the President of America which is the highest post of power in the country. Not only this, it is officially the headquarters of the president making it of vital strategic and political importance. The Place is truly the most vital part of the functioning of the country and...Read more
  2. Washington National Cathedral

    Church, Religious Site, Entertainment, Performance

    The Washington National Cathedral is a gorgeous church in the city. One of the biggest of the kind in the United States this huge creation is a must visit for its breath-taking architecture. Solidly built with beautiful archways and windows that are intricately decorated, the church is sure to be peaceful for the religious mind. It is also a very important cultural experience since the active c...Read more
  3. Ford's Theatre

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    Ford's Theatre

    Entertainment, Performance, Theatre

    This well-known and in fact infamous site is an interesting place to see in Washington D.C. It is a wonderful theatre and of you happen to be going for a play it is certainly a treat to see. The hall is ornately decorated and pristine and the old-worldly charm of the place has been well preserved. However, it isn’t the concerts and events but the history that makes this place so well know...Read more
  4. Georgetown

    Bar, Restaurant, Entertainment, Shopping Center

    Georgetown is an area in old Washington DC. Perhaps the oldest neighbourhood in the city, this lovely area has become a wonderful place for tourists to visit. It is the commercial hub of the city making it a very important place for businesses and office-goers. Moreover, it is also an important shopping destination. The place is known as the city’s entertainment district so restaurants ba...Read more
  5. John F. Kennedy Center

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    John F. Kennedy Center

    Entertainment, Performance, Theatre, Opera House

    The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., is a very prestigious performance as well as exhibition venue in the city. The National Symphony Orchestra, Washington Opera, Washington Ballet and American Film Institute are all housed by this place. The three theatres; A Concert Hall, an Opera House and the Eisenhower Theatre are a part of it. Set alongside the Potomac River, this place is a lovely venu...Read more
  6. National Zoological Park

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    National Zoological Park


    This massive zoo is a great attraction to visit in Washington D.C. Kids are sure to love it and adults are sure to learn a lot more here. Spanning over more than a hundred and sixty acres, the zoo is home to a wide variety of animals from around the world. Arranged neatly into themed enclosures, the zoo houses big cats, birds, invertebrates, reptiles as well as other animals. They have been kep...Read more
  7. George Washington's Estate Mount Vernon

    Waterfront, Walking Area, Leisure, Architecture

    The Mount Vernon estate which belonged to the American President George Washington has now become a popular tourist attraction. There are a lot of activities to do as well as places to see here in the sprawling area. George has been buried here and you can see his house. It is also possible to see the house he lived in which was called “The Mansion”. There are also several smaller o...Read more
  8. Verizon Center

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    Verizon Center

    Arena, Entertainment

    Verizon Center was formerly known as MCI center and is a picturesque entertainment arena in the city. Visit the destination if you love sports and get to see a match or two. The place gets its name from the sponsor Verizon communications and sees a lot of tourists all year round. The place is perfect if you are a sports fan as there are a lot of sports played in the arena that you can see.
  9. Howard Theatre

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    Howard Theatre

    Entertainment, Performance, Theatre

    Howard Theatre is a charming and historic theatre located at 620 T Street in North West of the city. The place opened its door to the public in 1910 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Visit the destination and get to see some of the most soulful performances that the city has to offer. The place is good to while away some time in the afternoon.
  10. U Street

    Hotel, Art Gallery, Restaurant, Street Market

    U Street is a commercial and residential district in the destination and has many shops, restaurants, hotels, art galleries and basically anything that you might need to make your trip a success. Visit the street and get to see some of the best architecture and design in the city. The place is also recommended for foodies as there are lots of restaurants and other eateries in the place that you...Read more
  11. H Street

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Streets

    If you are someone who is looking for a place to have a drink at then look no further as H Street has some of the best bars and lounges in the whole city. The place is known as an entertainment and art district and sees a lot of travellers every year. So if you like to party hard, or just want to have a quiet drink, h- street has got you covered.
  12. Atlas Performing Arts Center

    Entertainment, Performance, Neighborhoods

    For all those who share a mutual love towards theatre and other performances the Atlas Performing Arts Center is a must place to go. The place is a multiple space performing arts facility located on H-street in the Northeast neighbourhood of the city. The destination is a home to many art organisations. So give the place a friendly visit and get to see some of the most spectacular performances ...Read more
  13. Uptown Theater

    Entertainment, Theatre

    Uptown Theateris also known as The Uptown or AMC Loews Uptown. The destination is a historic single screen movie theatre in the Cleveland Park. The theatre opened its door to the public on October 29, 1936 and has hosted many Hollywood premiers and is considered one of the best screens in the area. So if you like movies then visiting this destination are a must. So take out some time and enjoy ...Read more
  14. East Capitol Street

    Restaurant, Leisure, Street Market, Street Food

    East Capitol Street is a picturesque major street that divides the northeast and southeast quadrants of Washington. The street is clean and serene and is perfect for an evening walk or morning jog. So if you are looking for a place to relax then visiting this street is a good idea. There are many restaurants in the destination that you can visit for some drinks or food. So take out some time an...Read more
  15. Blind Whino

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    Blind Whino

    Landmark, Entertainment, Performance

    If you are looking for a fun time to spend in the city then visiting this is a good idea.The art that surrounds the building is iconic and picturesque. Due to this the destination sees a lot of visitors looking for a great party or just great art. Music events, gallery shows, cultural activities and much more happen all year round and hence visiting this destination is a good idea.