Top Historical Places in Washington D. C.

  1. National Building Museum

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    National Building Museum

    Specialty Museum, Heritage Building

    National Building Museum is one of the best museums that you can visit in the city. The museum devoted to interpreting the history and impact of the built environment.The museum tells a very interesting story about the engineering and design of the whole city. If you want to learn more about the city in general then visiting this attraction becomes a must. The museum building is splendid lookin...Read more
  2. Arlington National Cemetery

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    Arlington National Cemetery

    War Memorial, Cemetery

    America's war heroes have been honoured and find a final resting place at the Arlington National Cemetery. The Cemetery visitor center will be able to guide you and inform you about the people who are buried here. The Tomb of the Unknowns, otherwise called the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is perhaps the most touching sight to see here. It represents the unknown many that died or disappeared with...Read more
  3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

    Memorial, Monument

    Lawrence Halprin is the famous architect of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Memorial. The 32nd president of the USA who served four terms in office has been honoured by dividing the place into 4 symbolic rooms. Statues and paintings depicting his life and history as an American President adorn the walls. The exhibits involve several major epochs in history including the Great Depression and...Read more
  4. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

    History Museum, War Memorial, Specialty Museum

    The horrendous events that took place during the Second World War had left the world broken. The atrocities of the Nazi’s had left scars on the entire world. The US Holocaust Museum was set up in order to pay homage to all those who lost their lives at this horrible time. The US Holocaust Memorial is an attempt to remember the atrocities and make sure that such a horrible catastrophe neve...Read more
  5. Newseum

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    Memorial, Specialty Museum

    The history of news reporting has been beautifully displayed in this massive six storey museum. The USA is known for fearless journalism and this museum proudly celebrates that. The history of American news has been traced back from the days of the typewriter to the modern times today. Newspapers and articles that have reported the most iconic news stories of all time have been set up on displa...Read more
  6. Basilica Of The National Shrine Of The Immaculate Conception

    Church, Religious Site, Cathedral

    Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception happens to be one of the biggest churches on earth and it is certainly the biggest one in the USA. Being a working Church it also has regular masses and rituals so do try to visit one of those when you see it. The structure is obviously enormous and has been built in the Romanesque style of architecture making it quite an impressive s...Read more
  7. Arts And Industries Building Image

    Garden, Monument, Fountain

    Arts and Industries Buildingis basically an open area of charming gardens, scintillating fountains, lush green trees and iconic monuments. All of the attractions stretch nearly two miles between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial.Visit the destination and get to see some of the best structures that will leave you spell bound by its grandeur and beauty. So take some time out and visit the dest...Read more
  8. Organization Of American States

    Architecture , Heritage Building

    Organization of American States is an intercontinental organisation that was established to foster solidarity and cooperation among its member states.The place was established on 30 April 1948 and has been a significant structure in the city ever since. There is a lot of history attached to the destination and hence it is a good idea to visit the destination. Visit the destination as it has gre...Read more
  9. Verizon Center

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    Verizon Center

    Arena, Entertainment

    Verizon Center was formerly known as MCI center and is a picturesque entertainment arena in the city. Visit the destination if you love sports and get to see a match or two. The place gets its name from the sponsor Verizon communications and sees a lot of tourists all year round. The place is perfect if you are a sports fan as there are a lot of sports played in the arena that you can see.
  10. Albert Einstein Memorial

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    Albert Einstein Memorial

    Memorial, Monument

    Albert Einstein Memorialis a monument dedicated to the genius Albert Einstein. The bronze statue depicts Albert Einsteinseated with manuscripts papers in his hand. Located in central Washington the destination sees a lot of travellers all year round. Visit the destination and get to see amazing design and intense craftsmanship that is sure to make your trip worthwhile. The figure weighs 4 tons ...Read more
  11. President Lincoln's Cottage At The Soldiers' Home

    Monument, Architecture , Neighborhoods

    President Lincoln's Cottage is a national monument in the destination and on the grounds of the soldiers’ home which is today known as the Armed Forces Retirement Home. Located near Petworth and Park View neighbourhoods the destination sees a lot of visitors because of its iconic architecture and design. The interiors of the house are chic and beautiful and hence are a must see for any tr...Read more
  12. Vietnam Women's Memorial

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    Vietnam Women's Memorial

    Monument, War Memorial

    Vietnam Women's Memorial is a picturesque memorial dedicated to the women of the country who served in Vietnam War. The destination and monument serves as a reminder of the importance of women in the war and today has become one of the most beautiful monuments. The Memorial depicts three women dressed in uniform and helping a wounded soldier. The statue was designed by Glenna Goodacre and was d...Read more
  13. National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

    Monument, War Memorial

    National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in the destination honours 20,267 U.S. law enforcement officers that have died in the line of duty throughout the years. Visit the monument and feel the patriotism and nationalism. The purpose of this monument was to increase the public support for the law enforcement in the country. The monument has today become a symbol for patriotism in the city and...Read more
  14. Senate And House Office Buildings

    Architecture , Heritage Building

    Senate and House Office Buildings are the office buildings that are used by the government. This is a different type of attraction that you can visit if you get bored of the common attractions. Iconic architecture and scintillating design is what the destination offers. Visit the place and experience the history attached to the buildings that will make your trip worthwhile. So take out some tim...Read more
  15. Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

    Historical Site

    Frederick Douglass National Historic Siteis a picturesque destination in the city that you can visit. The place is administered by the National Park Serviceand was established in the year 1988 as a National Historic Site. The house and estate are that of Frederick Douglass, one of the most prominent African Americans in the 19th century. Visit the destination and travel back in time with the be...Read more