Top Historical Places in Washington D. C.

  1. United States Navy Memorial And Naval Heritage Center

    Heritage Building

    United States Navy Memorial and Naval Heritage Centeris a massive and picturesque outdoor memorial that pays tribute to Americans serving the country at the sea. The place is for all the soldiers and navy people in the country which also includes the coast guard. Visit the destination and get to feel the patriotism that is sure to make your trip worthwhile. So take out some time and visit this ...Read more
  2. District Of Columbia War Memorial

    War Memorial

    District of Columbia War Memorial was built to commemorate the citizens of the District of Columbia who served the country in World War I. The place stands as a memorial for all those brave souls that was lost during that time. The destination has a lot of history attached to it and hence sees a lot of visitors all year round. The memorial was designed by Washington architect Frederick H. Brook...Read more
  3. Ulysses S. Grant Memorial

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    Ulysses S. Grant Memorial

    Memorial, Sculpture

    Ulysses S. Grant Memorialis a grand and majestic presidential memorial in the city that honours American Civil war general and U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant. The memorial sits at the base of Capitol Hill and is located between Pennsylvania Avenue and Maryland Avenue. The memorial shows the general in his brave form siting on a horse. Visit the memorial and witness the beauty and grandeur of t...Read more
  4. Memorial To Japanese-american Patriotism In World War Ii

    Memorial, Monument, War Memorial

    National Japanese American Memorial is a stunning monument in the destination that is dedicated to the Japanese American war involvement, veterans and patriotism during World War II. The destination has gained a lot of popularity and sees a lot of travellers all year round due to its great design and architecture. The place was designed by Davis Buckley and Japanese American artist Nina Akamu. ...Read more
  5. George Mason Memorial

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    George Mason Memorial


    George Mason Memorial is a national memorial in the city that is dedicated to the great George Mason. Located in the East Potomac Park the memorial is majestic and beautiful. Visit the destination and get to experience patriotism and love for the country. The place is perfect for an evening walk and comes highly recommended by both locals and travellers. The memorial was authorised by the publi...Read more
  6. The American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial


    The American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial is a charming national museum in the city which honours the veterans of the armed forces of the United states who were permanently disabled during the service. The destination stands as a reminder of the sacrifices that were made by the people and is a must visit for any tourist that comes this way.  The memorial was dedicated by President B...Read more
  7. Memorial To The 56 Signers Of The Declaration Of Independence


    56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence Memorial is a memorial that depicts the signatures of the original 56 signatories of the United States declaration of independence. Located in the Constitution Gardens the destination sees a lot of travellers all year round due to its beautiful design and historic importance. The destination is a must see for any history buffs. Visit the place and g...Read more
  8. Major General Winfield Scott Hancock Statue


    Major General Winfield Scott Hancock Statue is a charming statue in the destination that has gained popularity because of its beautiful craftsmanship and design. Major General Winfield Scott Hancock served with the distinct in the army for four decades including in the Mexican-American War and as a Union general. So visit the statue and get to see picturesque and intricate designing that will b...Read more
  9. General Jose De San Martin Memorial

    Memorial, Statue

    General Jose de San Martin Memorial is an equestrian statue memorial of Argentine general and leader Jose de San Martín. Visit the destination and get to see the majestic statue that will take you back in time. The statue was erected to commemorate the general’s work and today stands as a reminder of his deeds. The memorial was sculpted by the great Augustin-Alexandre Dumont in 192...Read more
  10. Boy Scout Memorial

    Monument, Sculpture

    Boy Scout Memorial is a stunning and grand public artwork that was created by the famous American sculptor Donald De Lue. The artwork is not only picturesque but also very intricate in nature. The sculpture has been surveyed in 1933 as a part of the Smithsonian's Save Outdoor Sculpture program. The monument is a tribute to the Boy Scouts of America and is a must visit for any visitor that comes...Read more
  11. Organization Of American States Headquarters Building

    Landmark, Architecture , Heritage Building

    Organization of American States Headquarters Building is a picturesque destination that you can visit in your free time in the city. Majestic looks and scintillating architecture is what the place offers. Perfect to visit in evening the building has become a hot tourist spot for photography and videography. The organisation is there to foster the relations between the countries of the same cont...Read more
  12. James A. Garfield Memorial

    Monument, Sculpture

    James Garfield sculpture is one of the most beautiful and elegant sculptures in the location. The monument is on the grounds of the United States Capitol in the circle at First Street and is a memorial for the famous President James A. Garfield. James was elected in 1880 and assassinated in 1881 serving only four months in the office. Sculpted by John Quincy Adams Ward the place sees a lot of v...Read more
  13. John Ericsson National Memorial

    Landmark, Memorial, Monument

    John Ericsson National Memorialis located near the National mall and is a stunning monument dedicated to John Ericsson. John Ericsson is known for the invention of screw propeller that revolutionised the naval history. The Swedish Engineer was also the designer of the USS Monitor, the ship that was responsible for union’s Naval Supremacy during the American Civil War. The authorisation fo...Read more
  14. First Division Monument

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    First Division Monument

    Historical Site, Monument

    First Division Monument is located in President's Park that is south of state Place Northwest. The monument was erected to commemorate those who died while serving in the 1st infantry division of the United States Army. The monument holds much historic importance due to the era that it signifies. The destination marks the sacrifice that the people did for their country and hence visiting this i...Read more
  15. Zero Milestone

    Landmark, Monument

    Zero Milestoneis an iconic zero mile marker monument in the city that has gained much popularity over the years because of its great idea. The idea was to make it a marking point from where all the road distances in the United States would be reckoned the point today stands as a hot tourist spot and sees a lot of travellers every year. The Zero milestone in Washington was designed by architect ...Read more