• Address: Waterloo, Belgium
  • Ticket Price: Free

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Waterloo is located in Waterloo, Belgium.

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  • Waterloo Address: Waterloo, Belgium
  • Waterloo Price: Free
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  • Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki?curid=33300
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Waterloo, Waterloo Reviews

  • 18 kilometers from Bruxeles is Waterloo, famous for the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815, where Napoleon was defeated. There is an artificial hill in Waterloo to represent the place where was hurt in battle Prince of Orania , this hill was called the Lion's Column, and also an impressive museum of wax figures representing all the personalities who participated in the struggle. The city is very clean, quiet, with superb buildings. One afternoon spent there is truly magnificent.

  • Good

  • Este é o local onde se deu a batalha em que Napoleão Bonaparte foi derrotado e, em consequência disso, exilado na ilha de Santa Helena. A localidade de Waterloo, na Bélgica, mantém vários símbolos da batalha: uma pirâmide redonda com vários metros de altura e a estátua dum leão no topo; vários edifícios alusivos à batalha; várias estátuas incluindo a de Napoleão; e sobretudo o vasto terreno plano onde se deu a batalha.

  • Un peu vieux comme gare mais efficace. Personnel sympa et des bornes qui fonctionnent très bien... des abris bien mieux que dans beaucoup d'autres gares. Top. En plus il y a un grand parking et ce n'est pas loin du centre à pieds. Mais attention au dimanches quand-même... il y a un marché (très agréable) qui s'empare de tout un côté....

  • Příjemné prostředí. Snaží se jít z dobou. 👍

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  • Michel d'ohain Waterloo Chaussée de Tervuren 16
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  • Brasserie RN Waterloo 35, chaussée de Bruxelles
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  • Brasserie La Poussinière Waterloo Chaussée de Bruxelles 238
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  • Marcel Burger Bar Waterloo Chaussée de Bruxelles 234
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  • Be Burger Waterloo Chaussée de Bruxelles 196
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  • China Sud Chaussée de Bruxelles 298
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  • Tsuki Chaussée de Bruxelles, 41
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  • Makimasan 135 Chaussée de Bruxelles
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  • Esso 69 Chaussée De Bruxelles
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  • Garage Prince Avenue Des Pâquerettes 55
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  • Kia Motors -
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  • Gare de Waterloo Place De La Gare
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