Best Time To Visit Wertheim Am Main

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Best Time To Go To Wertheim Am Main

Wertheim-am-Main has a very mild climate with a lot of rainfall throughout the year. The so called driest month also gets a lot of precipitation. The average temperature usually is around 10 – 11 degree Celsius.

  • Winter: The months of November – February are the coldest of the year. Rainfall can be expected at any moment. Temperatures are usually around 2 -3 degree Celsius.
  • Spring: March and April beckons the Spring season and there is a significant drop in the temperature with these months.
  • Summer: The temperatures are highest and most comfortable during May - August. As always, rainfall can be expected at any point of time but is high usually during this period.
  • Autumn: September and October bring with them a sudden drop in temperature and some respite from the frequent showers.

The best time to visit Wertheim-am-Main has to be during the summer months of May – August. The temperature is very mild and comfortable during this period, though frequent rainfall may be a nuisance. A lot of tourists are around during this period.

    We will be updating things to do in Wertheim Am Main soon.