Best Things To Do in Whitby, United Kingdom

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  • Whitby Abbey : The walk up the abbey offers some great views of the town and the harbor. Even though the walk up is worth everybody's time, it becomes even more rewarding after reaching the top. Some of the most breathtaking views from the top are of the Celtic cross and St. Mary's.
  • Captain Cook museum : Whitby is famous for being the home town of world explorer, Captain James Cook. This museum has everything on display from his collectibles of the voyages he undertook.
  • Pannett Park : If you are someone who finds peace of mind in midst of flowers and lush green gardens, you should definitely visit Pannett Park.
  • Church of St Mary's : Dracula is supposed to be buried here. Do you need one more reason to go here?
  • Whitby Museum : Located in Pannett Park, this museum has various interesting artifacts on display. While you are here, you should also see the Pannett Art Gallery.
  • Whitby Beach : Apart from being an extremely clean beach, this place is also known to offer some great fish food near the harbor.
  • Dracula Society walk : Haunting experience with a gothic touch with inspiration from one of the best stories ever told. Why would one miss this?
  • Whitby's 199 steps : Who said vacations have to be completely unhealthy. This tiring trek up the 199 steps is extremely rewarding for various views that it offers. There are a lot of stories about this place that circulate amongst the locals. Be sure to talk about these steps to some locals at least.
  • North Yorkshire Moors Railways : The preserved line has not only won a lot of accolades for its maintenance but is also one of the main tourist attractions of Whitby, England. While you are in Whitby or even nearby, you should definitely make it a point to travel through the heritage railway that carries more passengers than any other heritage line in the United Kingdom and is the busiest steam heritage line in the world.


  • Ghost walks : Whitby is famous for a lot of haunted spots. Take a guided ghost walk to experience the true feel of the city. After dark walks have had some deadly consequences in the past and are not for the faint hearted.
  • Dracula experience: It is a must have for everyone who visits this city. There is a tunnel modified like Dracula`s castle. Take a walk through it but beware, you might just encounter vampires here!
  • Climb the lighthouse : There are two lighthouses near the Whitby harbor. The taller of the two is open for visitors to climb and see the mesmerizing view.
  • Whitby steam bus : Take a tour of some of the best spots in town with the Whitby Steam bus.
  • Whitby walks : The walks are very famous for any tourist coming in. Through guided walks, you can understand the history in a much more gripping manner.

Below we have a list of things to do in Whitby and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Whitby getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Whitby with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Whitby

Here is the list of things to do in Whitby and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Whitby Abbey

    4.6 (232 Votes)
    Whitby Abbey

    Religious Site, Outdoors, Monastery

    You do not have to be Dracula to visit the Whitby Abbey. In fact, Dracula should be one of the reasons to get you here. The fictional character that enters England after the destruction of his ship is based in this Abbey itself. The walk up the abbey offers some great views of the town and the harbor. Even though the walk up is worth everybody`s time, it becomes even more rewarding after reachi...Read more
  2. North Yorkshire Moors Railway

    Outdoors, Historical Site, Train Ride

    North Yorkshire Moors National Park is amazing by itself. Something that makes it more interesting is the fact that it has North Yorkshire Moors Railway running by it. North Yorkshire Moors Railway is a heritage railway located in North Yorkshire, England. It opened up in 1836 with the purpose of inland trade in those times. Back in the day, Whitby was a very important sea- port and hence Georg...Read more
  3. Whitby Beach

    4.6 (229 Votes)
    Whitby Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Waterfront, Nature

    Tourists and locals have some really wonderful experiences to share about Whitby Beach. The beach is extensively clean and in the midst of sand, you are sure to feel tranquility and peace. The beach offers you some extremely breath- taking views. Apart from that, you can also go to the west cliff and see boats coming in and out of the harbor. You can also see the abbey and if you are well acqua...Read more
  4. Church Of St Mary , Whitby

    4.7 (248 Votes)
    Church Of St Mary , Whitby

    Church, Religious Site

    Very few places in Whitby have a full fledged coal boiler to keep them warm. Apart from that amusing fact, St Mary's Church is said to be the most beautiful church in this city. There is a lot of information to gather in this church and you would definitely come out more enlightened. In Bram Stoker's Dracula, the main character is supposed to be buried here. If that is a pure fiction or has a t...Read more
  5. Pannett Park

    4.6 (184 Votes)
    Pannett Park

    Museum, Outdoors, Garden, Park

    If you are someone who finds peace of mind in midst of flowers and lush green gardens, you should definitely visit Pannett Park. With a new park for children and amazing flowers at display, this park is guaranteed to give you a worthwhile experience for the entire day for you and your entire family. Pannett Park also accommodates Pannett Art Gallery and Whitby Museum. Do not miss the panoramic ...Read more
  6. Sandsend Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Pubs, Picnic Spot

    Sandsend is actually a small village right outside Whitsby. When there is high tide, a particular spot becomes sandy and is a beautiful view to watch. This place is safe to take kids along as there is a shallow stream running into the sea. You will find a lot of places to eat by the Sandsend Beach. You can also find a pub or two which offer sumptuous meals and drinks to unwind.
  7. Dracula Experience

    3.5 (44 Votes)
    Dracula Experience

    Entertainment, Play

    Dracula as a character was thought of in this town. He is also supposed to have come here after his ship wreck in the story. Whitby is most famous for being the town of Dracula. There are a lot of activities which are Goth and related to vampires due to the connection with Dracula. Dracula experience is one of them. It is basically a run through the entire story of Bram Stoker`s Dracula. Filled...Read more
  8. Robin Hoods Bay And Fylingdales Museum


    The building was purchased on a 1000 year lease by Rev. R.J. Cooper, Vicar of Fylingdales Parish in 1891. It seems like it was a small cottage built into the slope of the land. On his own the Vicar had the room downstairs converted into a Coroner’s Room, and built a mortuary on the east wall. It was used as a Reading Room for the people of Bay from 1900, staying true to its actual pu...Read more
  9. Fallen Foss Tea Garden And Waterfall

    Outdoors, Forest, Garden, Nature

    Falling Foss Tea Garden is an enchanting tea garden situated in the grounds of Midge Hall, a tiny cottage which stands at the top of the mesmerizing Falling Foss Waterfall in the heart of Sneaton Forest. The property was initially made as a game keeper’s cottage in the late 1780's and was later opened as a tea garden in the early 1900's. Whether you're amidst the Coast to Coast walk or ma...Read more
  10. Whitby Lighthouse

    Outdoors, Light House, Waterfront

    The Whitby Harbor is the base for the fishing fleet of the town .From here, Captain Cook set out on his voyage of discovery to Australia in 1768. Whitby Lighthouse was built by Trinity House in 1858 on Ling Hill, close to the harbor. It is designed by James Walker and was originally a pair of towers which aligned north-south; showing fixed lights over Whitby Rock. The station became more access...Read more
  11. Poet's Cottage Shrub Nursery

    Outdoors, Garden

    Poet's Cottage Nursery was established in the late 70's by the well-known plants lover and woman; Hilda Rees. She constructed the garden and began selling cuttings over the gate of the garden. The nursery flourished through the 80's and 90's, picking up a reputation for variety and quality. At the point when Hilda turned 83 years old, she wanted to lay back. Ilona, who worked in the nursery in ...Read more
  12. Black Market Jewelry

    4.4 (53 Votes)
    Black Market Jewelry

    Outdoors, Market, Shopping Center

    Every city has some or the other specialty. More often than not, it’s either a food place or some local shopping spot. Whitby has enough of both. You should definitely visit the Black Market Jewelry shop for junk jewelry and simple jewelry. There have been instances of shopkeepers being so dedicated to their work; that if something is not on display or even in their stock- they would imme...Read more
  13. Whitby Museum

    4.6 (162 Votes)
    Whitby Museum

    Museum, History Museum

    Made with the intention of conserving an Edwardian atmosphere, this museum is situated in Pannett Park, another tourist attraction in Whitby. The museum has around 80,000 interesting artifacts. You can find a lot of mind blowing things related to the history of England in this museum. The museum possesses a number of items in various categories namely special collections, hidden collections, te...Read more
  14. 99 Steps Whitby

    4.7 (60 Votes)
    99 Steps Whitby

    Outdoors, Walking Area

    Although this attraction is known as Whitby's 199 steps, there is still confusion about the real number of stairs actually existing there. Some people say there are 200, some say there are 198. You should climb for yourself to figure out the number. There are a lot of local legends revolving around the ascent of these steps done in a record time of 30 seconds. There are also stories about peopl...Read more
  15. Doodlepots

    4.7 (27 Votes)
    Who said doodles only have to be in your book? Doodlepots has some amazing designs for crockery, pots and a lot of other items with just doodle designs on them. Interestingly, you can also choose to just take items painted and doodle on them. It is one of the most fun activities for families to do together. You should definitely visit this place for an unwinding session filled with fun and crea...Read more