How to Reach Wiesbaden


  • By Air: The nearest airport is at Frankfurt (FRA) from where you can take a Taxi to reach Wiesbaden. Train station is located in the basement of the airport building from where you can take a train for S-Bahn which will terminate at Wiesbaden. Another airport is at Frankfurt-Harhn airport (HHN) which is 100 kilometres away from Weisbaden. A bus ride from here to Mainz and a further train to Wiesbaden is available.
  • By Train: Trains journeys are most preferred to get in to the city. The S-Bahns train (S1, S8 and S9)is the preferred way of getting into Wiesbaden from neighbouring cities. If you are travelling to Wiesbaden from Cologne, then the ICE high speed train is most preferred. If you are planning an extensive travel, do book RMV or DB tickets.
  • By Car: Car journeys from Mainz, Frankfurt and Cologne are preferred. The journey takes 15 minutes from Mainz, 30 minutes from Frankfurt and 2 hours from Cologne.


  • By Walking: Wiesbaden is a small city and can be easily covered on foot.
  • By Bus: For travels to the outskirts of the city, Bus services are available.