How to Reach Winchester


  • By Air: The closest airports to Winchester are the Southampton Airport about 8 miles from the city), the London Heathrow Airport (around 60 miles from the city) and the London Gatwick Airport (around 80 miles from the city).
  • By Train: The Winchester station is well connected to the rest of England. Trains connect the city to major cities like London, Poole, Reading, Weymouth, Oxford, Southampton and Birmingham.
  • By Taxi: A few taxi services such as Winch Taxis Winchester, Winchester Taxi Link and Winchester Taxi co. connect Winchester to nearby towns and cities.
  • By Bus: Busses connect Winchester city center to cities such as London and Salisbury.


  • By Bus: The main bus operator in Winchester is Stagecoach. There are other operators as well such as Bluestar Busses. However, the frequency of all the busses is less and the bus stops are few and far apart.
  • On Foot: The best way to explore the city is on foot! Invest in a good Winchester Map and travel around the city on foot.
  • On a Bicycle: A fun way to travel around Winchester, ‘Bikeabout’ offers bicycles on rent. More details about this can be obtained from the Winchester Tourist Information Centre.