15 Best Things To Do In Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The city of Windsor in Canada has a plethora of activities for the tourists. The city has been important for Canadian public for its suspension bridge, beautiful gardens by the side of Detroit river, manor houses, art galleries, museums and memorials, parks, churches, and hotels. Stay in Windsor, explore a large variety of things to do, and shop unique items, this southernmost part of Canada has something for everyone.

Here’s a list of top things to do in Windsor:

1. Cross the border on Ambassador Bridge

Ambassador Bridge - walking on this bridge is mesmerizing
Image Source: wikimedia.org

Known as one of the busiest international borders, the Ambassador Bridge of Windsor connects Michigan, United States with Ontario, Canada. The bridge is jointly owned by the Detroit International Bridge Company in US and the Canadian Transit Company in Canada. This suspension bridge has a length of 7,500 feet and is considered as an important point of interest both from the business and tourism perspectives. The ambassador Bridge is made up of 19,000 tons of steel. This magnificent bridge provides spectacular views of the cities and the Detroit River.

2. Stay and Gamble at Caesars Windsor

Caesars Windsor - Casinos in Windsor
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When it comes to the most interesting things to do in Windsor, Canada, everyone would mention Caesars Windsor, one of the best casinos in the Windsor area. Maintained by the Caesars Entertainment, this casino is located on the Windsor Riverfront overlooking the picturesque Detroit river and skyline. You can plan to stay in the clean and well-furnished rooms of Caesars Windsor and enjoy its services such as a full-service spa, a large restaurant and bar, fitness center and more.

3. Wander through the contemporary sculptures of Windsor Sculpture Park

Windsor Sculpture Park
Image Source: wikimedia.org

One of the most unique things to do in Windsor is to take a tour of the contemporary sculpture art under the open sky at Windsor Sculpture Park. The park is home to some incredible sculptures designed by the renowned Canadian artists such as Elisabeth Frink, Gerald Gladstone, and Sorel Etrog. There are over 35 contemporary sculptures scattered in the park and each sculpture has a distinct quality. The park also features some cycling and walking trails.

4. Admire the art at Art Gallery of Windsor

Art Gallery of Windsor - artwork by the locals
Image Source: wikimedia.org

Honoring the artworks by the local, regional, and national artists of Canada, the Art Gallery of Windsor is one of the fabulous places to visit in Windsor. Featuring a large collection of Canadian Art, this gallery showcases the modernist art pieces prepared by the famous Canadian artists. The art gallery of Windsor is located in Willistead Manor and was also known as Willistead Gallery earlier. A great place to see the cultural reserves of Canada, this gallery was established here in 1943.

5. See the floating fountain Coventry Gardens

Floating Fountain in Windsor
Image Source: flickr.com

The proximity of Detroit River makes Windsor home to some wonderful points of interest such as the Coventry Gardens. Home to the Peace Fountain (the only floating fountain in the world), Coventry garden is a considered as a symbol of civic pride in Windsor, Canada. The garden witnesses thousands of visitors every year who come here for the flower show, the fountain, and the famous light show. The patio near the fountain serves as a venue to many concerts.

6. Feel the architectural grandeur at Willistead Manor

Willistead Manor - admire the architecture
Image Source: wikimedia.com

This 16th century English manor house is one of the top attractions in Windsor. Willistead Manor is built in a Tudor-Jacobean style of architecture and provides a glimpse of Canadian history. This historic house, which used to be the residence of Hiram Walker, is now home to the famous Art Gallery of Windsor and a library. The mansion has large 36 rooms and a public park at the front. Visit this house on Christmas Day when it is decorated excellently.

7. Indulge in the city’s past at Windsor's Community Museum

Francois Baby House - Community Museum in Windsor
Image Source: wikimedia.org

Nestled in the historic François Baby House, built in 1812 by François Baby, Windsor’s Community Museum is home to over 15,000 artifacts and documents that provide a journey through the rich history and culture of Windsor. The building of the museum is listed as a national heritage site. The museum first began as Hiram Walker Historical Museum as Hiram Walker donated a large amount of money for the maintenance of the museum. While looking for what to do to indulge in Windsor’s history, come to this Community Museum.

8. Visit Duff Baby House, the oldest building of the city

Duff Baby House - admire the oldest building in Windsor
Image Source: wikimedia.com

Providing a great insight into the history of Windsor, Duff Baby House is the oldest building in the city. One of the famous tourist attractions in Windsor, Duff Baby House was built between the years 1792 and 1798. The house is made of timber and has 2 and a half story structure. The house is built in Georgian style and one of the oldest of this kind. The house is maintained by the Ontario Heritage Trust and serves as an office for some government activities as well.

9. Chill out at Adventure Bay Family Water Park

Spread over an area of 35,000 square feet, Adventure bay Family Water Park is a perfect place for family fun. Featuring a lazy river, five big water slides, wave pool, splash zone, flow ride, activity pool and more, Adventure Bay Family Water Park has plenty of interesting activities to do with family and friends. The park also has a restaurant offering delicious pizza and cold drinks.

10. Take a walk in Dieppe Gardens

Closely associated with the World War II, Dieppe Gardens is an important place to visit in Windsor, Canada. The park was built in the memory of the Essex-Kent Scottish Regiment members who lost their lives in the World War II. Carpeted with flowers, Dieppe Gardens boasts many monuments related to the Canadian Army, Air Force, and Navy. The garden has a small waterfall, pond, and a launch site for cruises. There are many benches and tables for picnic.

11. Discover the hidden gem of Peche Island

Visiting the Peche Island and discovering its hidden gems is one of the unusual things to do in Windsor. This uninhabited island has an area of 100 acres on the picturesque Detroit river and was formed by the action of the same. Although there are man-made channels on the island to supply the fresh water and help recreational activities, the pristine and uninhabited surroundings of Peche Island provide a perfect escape from any hustle. The island is used a municipal park today. The unique shape of the island makes it even more interesting.

12. Have fun at Springz Trampoline and Amusement Park

Springz Trampoline and Amusement Park in Windsor is a perfect spot to have some fun with family. This amusement park features the best entertainment package for the entire family that includes Trampolines, Indoor Go-Karts, Indoor Glow in the dark mini golf, and more. The amusement complex of Springz is also best for organizing birthday parties and events. Apart from all these interesting things to do, you will hear a good music here.

13. Spend time in spirituality at Our Lady of the Assumption

Known as the oldest continuous parish in Ontario, Our Lady of the Assumption is a Roman Catholic Church and is one of the popular attractions in Windsor. The church was originally established in 1728 by the Jesuit missionary Fr. Armand De La Richardie. The main features of the church are its beautiful facade, beautifully frescoed interiors, high altar, sanctuary, and majestic arches. Attend the Latin Mass choir in the church on Sundays and attend the sermons by the pastors.

14. Spirit of Windsor Canadian National # 5588

Spirit of Windsor Canadian National # 5588 is a steam locomotive which was built in memory of glorious Steam Train Canadian Railroading. This steam locomotive was retired in the year 1961 and has been kept as a monument to display. The locomotive has been used for the passenger service for many years and has always had a great importance for the transportation service of Windsor. Spirit of Windsor Canadian National is indeed a great place to visit to know the history of locomotives in Windsor.

15. Shop like crazy at Devonshire Mall

Home to over 175 stores, Devonshire Mall is the largest mall in Windsor and therefore an important point of interest for all the shopaholics. The building of the mall was first built in the year 1970 and used as a spot for Devonshire Raceway, a horse racing track. In the later years, the mall was expanded keeping the new trends in mind. From traditional and modern attires to perfumes, footwears, and grocery, you will find everything in this mall.

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Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Must see places in Windsor ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Windsor and points of interest to visit.

  1. Caesars Windsor

    #1 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Caesars Windsor

    Tags: Observatory, Casino, Entertainment

    Address: 377 Riverside Dr E, Windsor, ON N9A 7H7, Canada

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Caesars Windsor has everything under one roof! A Casino, a hotel, restaurants, pools, a spa, bars, nightlife, souvenir shopping and a lot more! At Caesars, as they claim, you will have ‘too much...Read more

  2. Windsor Riverfront

    #2 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Windsor Riverfront

    Tags: Water Body, Waterfront, Water Park, Water Sport

    Address: Riverside Drive West, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The Windsor Riverfront is based along the Detroit River. Across the river, one can see USA’s Detroit! From parks to riverfront trails to restaurants and cafes to jogging and bicycle trails, the ...Read more

  3. Dieppe Gardens

    #3 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Dieppe Gardens

    Tags: Garden, Observatory, Monument, Entertainment

    Address: 78 Riverside Drive West, Windsor, Canada

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Situated at the Windsor riverfront, the Dieppe Gardens are named in memory of the members of the Essex-Kent Scottish Regiment who lost their lives during the World War II landing at Dieppe, France in ...Read more

  4. Jackson Park

    #4 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Jackson Park

    Tags: Park, Entertainment, Fountain

    Address: South of Tecumseh Road at Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Spread across a relatively large area, Jackson Park is one of Windsor’s foremost tourist attractions. It has over 10,000 plants and trees. Within the park is the Queen Elizabeth II Sunken Garden...Read more

  5. Willistead Manor

    #5 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Willistead Manor

    Tags: Garden, Park, Architecture , Resort

    Address: 1899 Niagara Street. Windsor, ON N8Y 1K3, Canada

    The Willistead Manor is a 36 room mansion that sits within a 15-acre park. It was built in the year 1906 and was designed by Albert Kahn, a noted Detroit architect. The Manor was briefly the home...Read more

  6. Olde Walkerville Neighbourhood

    #6 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Olde Walkerville Neighbourhood

    Tags: Water Body, Waterfront, Village, View Point

    Address: Windsor, Canada

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The Olde Walkerville Neighbourhood was the visionary development of one of Ontario's prominent 19th century entrepreneurs, Hiram Walker. The quaint neighbourhood is a perfect example of a garden commu...Read more

  7. Adventure Bay Family Water Park

    #7 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Adventure Bay Family Water Park

    Tags: Water Body, Waterfront, Water Park, Entertainment

    Address: 401 Pitt Street West, Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9A 0B2

    Timings: 10:00 am - 08:00 pm Details

    Head over to the Adventure Bay Family Water Park for a fun day with your family or friends or both! Attractions and rides at the water park include Wave Pool, Python (water slide full of twists and tu...Read more

  8. Walkerville Brewery

    #8 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Walkerville Brewery

    Tags: Observatory, Winery, Entertainment, Arts And Crafts

    Address: 525 Argyle Rd, Windsor, ON N8Y 4Z8, Canada

    Timings: 11:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    The Walkerville Brewery is a place of heritage, community and great hand crafted beer! Started by Hiram Walker, it is said that he told the citizen-workers of his company that he wanted to provide an ...Read more

  9. From Our Hands To Yours

    #9 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    From Our Hands To Yours

    Tags: Shopping Center, Arts And Crafts

    Address: 8444 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, Ontario N8S1T6

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    From Our Hands To Yours is a handmade items retailer which sells products made by over 90 local artisans & craftsmen! The items sold over here are one of a kind! The atmosphere is bright and frien...Read more

  10. Art Gallery Of Windsor

    #10 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Art Gallery Of Windsor

    Tags: Art And Culture, Art Museum, Art Gallery, Educational Site

    Address: 401 Riverside Drive West, Windsor, ON N9A 7J1, Canada

    Timings: 11:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Located on Windsor’s beautiful riverfront, the Art Gallery of Windsor was established in the year 1943. It is the largest public art gallery in the Windsor-Detroit corridor and is recognized for...Read more

  11. Ivy Handmade Industries

    #11 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Ivy Handmade Industries

    Tags: Shopping Center, Arts And Crafts

    Address: 532 Pelissier Street, Windsor

    Timings: 11:00 am - 09:00 pm Details

    Ivy Handmade Industries is a store which collaborates with local artisans, crafters and artists and promotes showcases and sells their work and skills. While souvenirs shopping, do pay this store a vi...Read more

  12. Peche Island

    #12 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Peche Island

    Tags: Island, Water Body, Waterfront, Water Sport

    Address: Peche Island, Windsor, Canada

    Timings: 08:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Peche Island is a 100 acre island situated in the Detroit River, at its opening into Lake Saint Clair. It was purchased by Hiram Walker in 1883. He used the island as a summer place and his buildings ...Read more

  13. Windsor Sculpture Park

    #13 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Windsor Sculpture Park

    Tags: Park, Entertainment, Play

    Address: Riverside Drive West, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Formerly known as the Odette Sculpture Park, the Windsor Sculpture Park is an open area showcasing more than 30 large-scale, internationally recognized works of contemporary sculpture by world-renowne...Read more

  14. Detroit Windsor Tunnel

    #14 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Detroit Windsor Tunnel

    Tags: Tunnel

    Address: 100 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48226, USA

    If you are a travel enthusiast planning to travel from US to Canada or vice-versa, Detroit-Windsor-tunnel connecting Detroit, Michigan (US) and Windsor, Ontario (Canada) is the immediate solution for ...Read more

  15. Canadian Club Brand Centre

    #15 of 26 Things To Do in Windsor
    Canadian Club Brand Centre

    Tags: Landmark, Heritage Building

    Address: 2072 Riverside E, Windsor, ON N8Y 4S5, Canada

    The Canadian Club Brand Centre in Windsor, Ontario, Canada is an interesting heritage building that is considered an important local landmark. One can check in at the Canadian Club Brand Centre in Win...Read more

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