Wollongong Tourism

Known for its pristine beaches that border the high mountains, Wollongong is a cosmopolitan city in North Wales that has added a whiff to Australia’s tourism. Endowed with a dramatic landscape where nature offers the best of wonders, the city is affectionately known as 'the gong'. Apart from the cultural and natural attractions, the city is a must visit if you are seeking some thrill and adventure. Surf the waves of Wollongong and experience the marine beauty with its spectacular underwater currents. Situated on a beautiful harbor, you won’t have to travel much in order to locate its beaches. They are situated right next to the city. Apart from the beaches that constitute your basic itinerary of Wollongong, there are other natural vistas that you can’t afford to miss here such as Lake Illawarra and Mount Keira.

The city is also home to the biggest Buddhist temple Nan Tien in the Southern Hemisphere. Close to Sydney, the city is visited for its laidback lifestyle and relaxed environs. Visit Wollongong if you want to discover more of Australia other than Sydney. 

Essential travel information and Wollongong tips for your visit

  • It’s important to be aware of potential environmental hazards, such as bushfires, rough surf and extreme desert heat. 
  • Australia is generally a safe destination with tourists enjoying unhindered travel experiences in terms of their personal safety and security.  However, as with all travel at home or away, you should observe the same precautions with your personal safety and possessions.
  • The Australian sun is very strong. Always wear a shirt, hat, sunglasses and SPF 30+ sunscreen lotion, even on cloudy days. 
  • When planning a bushwalk or hike, check the length and difficulty of the wallk.