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Marcolini Pierre Chocolatier - Review

Marcolini Pierre Chocolatier, is situated in the Woluwe-saint-pierre, Belgium. Marcolini Pierre Chocolatier is a nice place to visit in this area.

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If you need any help in case of emergencies when you are near the Marcolini Pierre Chocolatier, here is a list of the safety stations nearby. From police stations to gas stations and from ATMS to banks, this page provides you with all the essential information to help you tackle the problems.

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Looking for best stops for mouth-watering food? You can also find a list of the best restaurants which are near the Marcolini Pierre Chocolatier. Offering you a variety of choices, from cafes to lounges, from fine-dine places to snack shops, one look at this page is all that you need for curbing those hunger pangs. Also find the best pubs and bars to enjoy the night in the Woluwe-saint-pierre listed on this page.

Can't live without internet? Fret not, this page also lists some Internet cafes which may help you out with internet services near Marcolini Pierre Chocolatier.

Planning a trip to Marcolini Pierre Chocolatier but not sure about what all to include in the itinerary? Check out the list of best Woluwe-saint-pierre itineraries and guided tours to Marcolini Pierre Chocolatier which have been already created by the users. This will help you to know the best places to visit near Marcolini Pierre Chocolatier, Woluwe-saint-pierre. Also get the estimated budget of the trip with these itinerary suggestions and with the cost of trip feature. You can also plan a vacation to the city with this Woluwe-saint-pierre trip planner. In addition, know more about the Woluwe-saint-pierre with this list of best things to do in Woluwe-saint-pierre.

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Marcolini Pierre Chocolatier, Woluwe-saint-pierre Reviews

  • Awesome service and (of course) great products. Love their chocolate and the macarones which are just perfect in structure and sweetness.

  • Great chocolates, horrible customer service (in that store in Stockel). If you can, just buy somewhere else.

  • C'est bien la peine d'avoir un site si ce n'est pas pour diffuser de vraies informations sur vos horaires d'ouvertures.... Fermé le dimanche, merci de m'être faite déplacer pour rien!

  • Certainement un des Meilleurs Chocolat en Belgique...

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Marcolini pierre chocolatier
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