10 Best Things To Do In Woodinville, Washington

by Bhoomi Shah Updated on 15 Oct 2018

Woodinville is a magnificent city in United States. The splendid King County includes sweeping wineries, brewery lands and beautiful waterfront parks on the splendid river Sammamish. This river flows through Woodinville 23 KM into Washington Lake.  Local Sammamish people inhabit this amazing place. This is one of the favorites kept secrets of Washington; the city is as intriguing as can be. It retains its exotic charm while it offers a great cosmopolitan feeling to the travelers as well. The incredible city attracts many visitors across the globe every year and offers significant memories to all. If nature attracts you the most, then why not try exploring top tourist attractions in Woodinville.

 Let's explore Woodinville points of interest and 10 best things to do in Woodinville:

1. Experience Fun in the Sammamish Valley

If you are an ardent food lover, then the Sammamish Valley is the right choice for you. Here, travelers can catch live music while having sumptuous foods of their choice. A wine walk in the Hollywood district is a must while visiting this divine city.  The bike ride across the valley is the best experience anyone could have here! Never miss the opportunity of walking along the awe-inspiring river. Indulge in the music concert, taste the flavor of luscious foods, and enjoy sipping wine.

2. Woodinville Rich Agriculture Heritage  

The rich agriculture and farmland in Woodinville is altogether a significant experience. If freshly handpicked vegetables are your choice, then why not visit a local market to pick some favorite vegetables or fruits of your choice! The farmers market is popular for its harvest events. The event provides tastes and unique experiences to the visitors, which makes each season unforgettable. Explore your dream of visiting the wonderful agricultural land in the city.

3. Local Wineries

If you don’t want to miss having an experience of the local wineries, then visit the popular brewpub in Woodinville. You will find refreshing beer and wine here. Chill out for some time and enjoy the varieties of wine with your loved ones.  Meet popular brewers and enjoy your food with a glass of wine. It is always fun to uncover the essence of different flavors, which could be found here at this winery. Celebrate magical moments with your family and make sure not to miss this place during your stay in the city. 

4. Discover Woodinville Wineries at Chateau Ste. 

This winery is a famous producer of Riesling wines. This vineyard is popular for its high-quality wineries.  For wine lovers, this vineyard is the perfect place. It teaches you the traditional techniques of winemaking with modern facilities. Food and wine is the best combination that will give you a perfect experience. Chateau Ste. The vineyard is a must visit the winery at Woodinville. Plan your travel itinerary to Chateau Ste and enjoy unlimited fun with family.

5. Pacific Science Center

This fantastic science center is a non-profit science museum based in Woodinville. It is composed with many buildings and includes an IMAX Theater as well. This excellent theater is the largest dome theater in the world. In addition to various activities, this place offers various traveling exhibits. Never miss a chance to visit this unique science center during your visit to Woodinville. This place will give you extreme amusement and valuable information about science. 

6. Beautiful Snoqualmie Falls- Experience the Best

Just imagine sightseeing, hiking, and excursion, experience everything at Woodinville. This amazing fall is the popular attraction in Washington State. The two acres splendid park, observation deck, and alluring nature provide serenity to the visitors who travel to this place every year. This place includes a free viewing area and parking place for the visitors.

7. Trip to Cascade-Mountain

Discover unlimited treasure at Cascade Mountain with your family. If you are staying in a hotel in Woodinville, then go for a visit to the Skykomish River, which flows across the mountain range. The mountain includes three beautiful waterfalls, which are an epitome of natural beauty. Continue on your travel itinerary with a private tour.

8. National Park: North Cascades

The great mountain peaks of North Cascades and the mild climate of the place is an ideal tourist attraction for visitors. The fragrance of pines and the snow melting on the mountain peaks would surely leave a significant memory on every visitor’s heart. If you are an ardent sports lover, then this place is ideal for biking, hiking, and horseback riding. This park is a home for colorful plants and animals. 

9. Long Beach: A Marvelous place to Surf 

Woodinville offers an amazing white sand beach, the Long Beach which includes different kinds of water sports activities such as Frisbee flyers, kite flyers, castle builders, and many more. Relax near the beach and indulge into various activities like volleyball, golf and horse riding. The opportunities are truly endless and as a visitor, you would definitely like the beautiful long beach. Serenity dwells here, during your visit to Woodinville, never miss a visit to the Long Beach.

10. Mima Mounds: Preserve its natural beauty 

Mima Mounds - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

This area is located in Olympia. This is a natural landmark of natural landscapes. This place is home to colorful butterflies and birds. It is ideal for an interesting family walk. The plants and the lush green vegetations of the place would make you feel wonderful. May and June's months are the best for watching the migration of butterflies. Go for a trail and experience the designated trails. This natural preserve will give you unforgettable moments. This place is recommended for family and kids. You can have an easy hike at Mima Mounds.

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