Events and Festivals in Wuhan

  • January: The Chinese New Year is celebrated with pomp and grandeur. It is when the sky is illuminated with spectacular fireworks while the people indulge themselves in a lot of joyous activities.
  • February: The plum blossom festival takes place in the East Lake Park in Hankou. If you are a lover of exotic flowers, then don’t forget to add this to your itinerary planners.
  • March: The lantern festival is conducted marking the end of Chinese New Year. Sticky rice dumplings is the most bought dish during the festival.
  • May - June: Dragon boat festival is held every year in either of these months where people race down the river on Dragon boats.
  • July: Qi Qiao Jie is the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day that is largely enjoyed by the tourists also. Plan your trip around July with your significant other if you want to celebrate love in a unique way.
  • September - October: The International tourist festival begins at the end of September and stretches through October. The festival has a lot of parades and performance from artists all over the country.

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