The Best Things To Do In Wuhan

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province in China, and it stands proud, packed with tonnes of history and sights. Wuhan is also one of the birthplaces of the brilliant ancient Chu Culture in China. Today the city is a major transportation hub and boasts numerous internationally renowned and iconic attractions, lakes, gardens, temples, museums, outdoor activities, adventure sports, shopping opportunities and a vibrant nightlife.

Wuhan is one of the most beautiful cities and boasts a number of attractions and experiences that provide a perfect opportunity to explore the culture and the lifestyle of the city. One of the best ways to experience the city is to indulge in some of the best things to do in Wuhan which include historical attractions such as Yellow Crane Tower, Guiyuan Temple, Moshan Hill, Qiyi Gate, Qingchuan Cabinet and museums like Hubei Provincial Museum, Zhongshan Warship Museum and Alive Museum, Wuhan Art Museum and Wuhan Sex Museum. Wuhan is also home to a lot of green spaces, parks, gardens and recreational areas that are perfect for spending a quiet and peaceful evening like Luojia Mountain, Mulan Heaven Lake, Wuhan Botanical Garden and East Lake. Other top things to do in Wuhan include Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Chu River Han Street, Mt. Jiufeng Forest Zoo, Wuchang Uprising Memorial and Happy Valley Amusement Park. From history to leisure, the attractions in Wuhan cater to all ages and interests, making it one of the top travel destinations in the world.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Wuhan, China

Must see places in Wuhan ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Wuhan and point of interests to visit.

  1. Yellow Crane Tower

    #1 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Yellow Crane Tower

    Tags: Tower

    Address: No.56 Minzhu Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan 430060, China

    Timings: 08:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Built somewhere during 233 A.D the Yellow Crane Tower is the stuff of legend. The tower was destroyed and rebuilt 7 times. Initially built as a military watch tower during the reign of Sun Quan, its m...Read more

  2. East Lake In Wuhan

    #2 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    East Lake In Wuhan

    Tags: Water Body, Leisure, Lake, Nature

    Address: Near Yanhu Avenue, Wuchang District, Wuhan 430060, China

    Timings: 07:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    The largest urban lake in China, covering an area of 88 sqkms, the East lake has a lot of scenic spots in and around it. Some of them are: Tingtao Mo Hill Luoyang Baima Chuidi Luohong Hills The lake...Read more

  3. Hubei Provincial Museum

    #3 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Hubei Provincial Museum

    Tags: Museum, Specialty Museum

    Address: No.156 Donghu Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan 430077, China

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    One of the most famous museum in China, the Hubei Provincial Museum boasts over 200,000 exhibits. It has a vast array of collections such as pottery, porcelains, jade, bronze vessels, ancient weapons ...Read more

  4. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

    #4 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

    Tags: Outdoors, Landmark, Bridge, Nature

    Address: Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Wuchang District, Wuhan 430000, China

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    For many years there was no means of transportation except by ship across the Yangtze. The bridge was built in 1955 and is 1670 mts long. Vehicles run on the top and there is another separate section ...Read more

  5. Hubu Alley

    #5 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Hubu Alley

    Tags: Landmark, Street Food

    Address: Ziyou Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan 430060, China

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    You can also dub this alley as the ‘alley of food’. Hubu alley is known for its exquisite collection of mouth-watering street foods. Some of the exotic foods are authentic re gan mian (hot...Read more

  6. Donghu Scenic Resort

    #6 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Donghu Scenic Resort Image

    Tags: Picnic Spot, Nature, Resort

    Address: No.A1 Donghu Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan 430071, China

    Timings: 07:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    A calm and serene resort filled with greenery on all sides Donghu Resort is a great place to visit. There are several small ponds, lakes and walkways around them. The resort proves as a good picnic sp...Read more

  7. Guiyuan Temple

    #7 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Guiyuan Temple

    Tags: Religious Site, Temple, Landmark

    Address: No.20 Cuiwei Road, Zhongjia Village, Hanyang District, Wuhan 430050, China

    Timings: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    One among the four best Buddha temples in Wuhan, the Guiyuan temple was built during the Qing Dynasty. The temple has 5 courtyards with 4 of them in four direction and one located in the middle. With ...Read more

  8. Wuhan Botanical Garden

    #8 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Wuhan Botanical Garden

    Tags: Garden, Park, Botanical Garden, Nature

    Address: Lumo Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan, China

    Timings: 09:00 am - 08:30 pm Details

    Opened in 1956 it was one of the first botanical garden in People’s Republic of China. The garden contains about 8000 species of flora and is ranked as the largest biodiversity park in Central C...Read more

  9. Mo Hill

    #9 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Mo Hill

    Tags: Landmark, Hill, Nature

    Address: Donghu Scenic Area, Wuhan, China

    Timings: 08:00 am - 05:30 pm Details

    The Mo Hill is actually a part of the East Wuhan Lake scenery, located in the south east corner. The hill is also known as Milestone hill and was a stronghold of the Chu state (one of the seven warrin...Read more

  10. Mulan Heaven Lake

    #10 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Mulan Heaven Lake

    Tags: Water Body, Lake, Nature

    Address: Shimen Mountain, Changxuanling Town, Huangpi District, Wuhan 430317, China

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    A scenic lush green area that looks as if it was pulled out of a painting the Mulan Heaven Lake is known for its tranquil beauty. The whole area is about 4800 acres huge and has a number of highlights...Read more

  11. Chu River Han Street

    #11 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Chu River Han Street

    Tags: Bar, Walking Area, Cafe, Entertainment

    Address: Central Culture Zone, Wuhan, China

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    A nice alternative to the usual Shopping malls the Han Street is a 1.5km long street that runs parallel to Chu River. Dubbed as the open shopping mall the street is ideal for shopping foreign brands. ...Read more

  12. Gude Temple Of Hankou

    #12 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Gude Temple Of Hankou

    Tags: Religious Site, Temple, Architecture

    Address: No.74 Shanghuapo, Huangpu Road, Jiang'an District, Wuhan 430010, China

    Timings: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Gude Temple of Hankou is with quite an unusual blend of Eurasian Architecture. From the outside it nowhere looks like a Chinese temple with curved roofs and red tiles. Rather it looks more of a Romane...Read more

  13. Mt. Jiufeng Forest Zoo

    #13 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Mt. Jiufeng Forest Zoo

    Tags: Outdoors, Zoo, Entertainment, Leisure

    Address: Luoyu Road, Jiufeng Country, Hongshan District, Wuhan 430075, China

    Timings: 08:30 am - 05:30 pm Details

    Although quite a small Zoo it’s located in a picturesque forest park. The place proves a fun trip for kids as they would enjoy the most. There’s a separate animal feeding section where you...Read more

  14. Wuchang Uprising Memorial

    #14 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Wuchang Uprising Memorial

    Tags: Museum, History Museum, Landmark, Educational Site

    Address: No.1 Wuluo Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan 430064, China

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    One of the most important places in the history of Chinese revolution. It is here the first shots were fired by Dr. Sun Yat Sen that ignited a spark. The Memorial has multiple sites to see which inclu...Read more

  15. Luojia Mountain

    #15 of 99 Things To Do in Wuhan
    Luojia Mountain

    Tags: Outdoors, Mountain, View Point, Entertainment

    Address: Within the District, Wuchang District, Wuhan 430060, China

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    A great place for a weekend getaway Luojia Mountain is located within the campus of Wuhan University. Right at the base is the East Lake. The waters, the trees, the cherry blossoming during the spring...Read more

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