Adventure Activities in Wuhan

Top Adventure Activities in Wuhan

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province in China, and it stands proud, packed with tonnes of history and sights. Wuhan is also one of the birthplaces of the brilliant ancient Chu Culture in China. Today the city is a major transportation hub and boasts numerous internationally renowned and iconic attractions like the famous Yellow Crane Tower, the beautiful East Lake, the well-known Guiyuan Temple, Hubei Provincial Museum, Baotong Temple, Turtle Hill Park, and the Mulan Lake of Heaven.

A large population of tourists visit the city to indulge in outdoor activities and adventure sports and intern quench their thirst for the resulting adrenaline rush. The city offers a lot of options to the visitors for adventure activities. Some of the best adventure activities in Wuhan include a visit to Happy Valley which is the largest theme park in all of China and offers a huge variety of rides and the Hankou Zhongshan Park which is a simple little children’s park consisting of small rides, ponds and boats. There are also numerous hiking trails available like the Wudang Mountain Hiking, Moshan Hill hiking, trekking on the Shennongjia Mountains and the Mount Wudang. One can even go for a dip in the East Lake, a popular and legal swimming area for the youths and families alike. Wuhan caters to everyone and offers everything, leading it to be recognised as a world famous tourist destination.

List of Adventurous things to do in Wuhan

Do more than just sightseeing. Explore these adrenaline pumping adventure activities to do in Wuhan.