Top Historical Places in Xiamen

Are you looking to explore the history of Xiamen through the ages? There are a number of historical destinations in Xiamen including the time-honored buildings, monuments, palaces, and parks where you can learn about the glorious past of Xiamen. The presence of these historical sites and museums will take you on a walk through Xiamen ‘s rich history.
If you are willing to have an in-depth historical information about Xiamen, we recommend that you take a wonderful guided tour to cover the major historical attractions. Also, check the opening and closing time for each so that you can organize your time. Make sure that you go through the complete list of historical places in Xiamen for a great trip!

Let's witness the history of Xiamen with these top historical places - monuments and landmarks:

  1. Gulangyu Island

    Museum, Beach, Island, Garden

    Guolangyu island is listed as one of the ten most scenic places in the province, and fittingly so. The island is known for its beautiful beaches and its varied architecture, After China lost the First Opium War, the British made predominant changes in the administration of the island. That is why the Victorian style architecture on the island. Highlights and must sees include: The piano museum...Read more
  2. Huli Mountain Fort

    View Point, Ancient Ruin, Historical Site, Exhibition

    This fort is a historic defence system known for its vast collection of ancient weaponry. This place is situated on the Hulishan shore to the south of Xiamen. It was built in the year 19891. The architectural styles are that of the Ming and Qing dynasties. You can also observe some European influence in the designs of the fort. The fort is stretched over an area of 13000 square metres. Highligh...Read more
  3. Xiamen Jimei Jiageng Park

    Museum, Garden, Park, Zoo

    This park is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Tan Kah Hee, the founder of the Xiamen University. Mr. Tan Kah Hee was a successful entrepreneur internationally and when he came back to his birthplace, Xiamen, he gave a lot back to it in the form of schools, colleges, hospitals and businesses. This park is a relaxation place for the locals and tourists alike. There is food, there is a lawn and then...Read more
  4. Jimei Turtle Garden

    Garden, Educational Site, Monument, Exhibition

    This is what you would call an educational garden. The trip is both fun and full of learning. The garden was designed and built by the man who was a propagator of education in Xiamen. Mr. Tan Kah-kee believed in teaching through travel and amusement. The garden is divided into differently themed parts. It stretches over 9000 square metres of land. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. The in...Read more