How to Reach Yellowknife


  • By Air: Yellowknife is the air travel hub for the Northwestern Territory and hence is pretty well connected to most cities in Canada, with daily flights to and from Yellowknife. Besides, there are bush planes and sea planes on hire if you would like to arrive in style.
  • By Bus: Yellowknife is well connected by bus to Hay River, Fort Smith and Fort Simpson. The bus station is located in the industrial area.


  • By Car: Although renting a car in Yellowknife isn’t cheap, it could turn out to be extremely convenient as public transport is a rarity here.
  • By Taxi: Yellowknife is serviced by two primary taxi companies, Diamond Cab and Capital Taxi. Both are regulated which means that their prices are determined by local law. Tips are welcomed by the taxi drivers but are not expected.
  • By Transit: Yellowknife has a small  and inexpensive transit system that can be used for a tour around the city. Do bear in mind that it runs only on one route.
  • On Foot: Being a small city, it is easy to walk around in Yellowknife, especially in summers. You could reach the end of the city if you walk for an hour at a moderate pace.