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Established in the year 1872 as the World’s first National Park, the Yellow Stone National Park Wyoming is spread across the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho in the United States of America. Surrounded by lush mountains and bustling rivers, a travel to Yellow Stone National Park offers visitors multiple natural phenomena.  From hot water geysers to waterfalls to boiling mud pots to canyons, the Yellow Stone National Park has it all.

The park is spread across approximately 2,221,000 acres (141256 kms.). People planning a trip to Yellow Stone National Park will be smitten by the flora and fauna of the region. The Yellow Stone National Park boasts of around 1300 varieties of native and exotic plants, around 10-12 species of fish, approximately 300 species of birds, and a range of animals such as bears, elks, grey wolfs, bison and a diversity of other mammals. 

Yellowstone National Park, PO Box 168, Yellowstone, WY 82190

Contacts: +1 307-344-7381, +1 307-344-2386

Yellowstone National Park Travel Tips

Essential travel information and Yellowstone National Park tips for your visit

  • Check for permit requirements for fishing, motorised boats etc.
  • Plan you trip well in advance.
  • Do buy and consult a map of Yellow Stone National Park.
  • Keep the environment clean.
  • Feeding animals is against the law.
  • Transporting outside fish into the lake waters is prohibited.
  • Viewing animals in artificial light is not permitted.
  • Hunting animals is banned and illegal.
  • Do not litter around and pollute the environment.
  • Fires are allowed only near camping sites. Don't put up fires in the wilderness. 

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