Best Things To Do in Yercaud, India

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Go on a scenic drive along the 32-km loop road that takes you through winding road adorned by coffee plantations and tall bamboo trees. Ride on a boat as a family at the pristine Big Lake and try spotting bison in the woods. Head to the Pagoda Point for some enchanting views of the whole of Yercaud and be mesmerized by the true essence of the place. Take a trip to the cascading silky waterfall of Kiliyur Falls that drops down from 300 feet into the Kiliyur Valley. Seek the blessings of the divine at the quaint Shevaroy Temple perched on top of a hill and unload of all your stress. Get closer to nature at the beautiful Botanical and Rose garden. If you are an animal lover and a nature enthusiast, then you should definitely visit Deer Park. Leaving aside all the things to do and the attractions to see, Yercaud is ideal for relaxing and connecting with mother nature. To get the best of Yercaud, a minimum of 2 days stay is recommended.

Below we have a list of things to do in Yercaud and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Yercaud getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Yercaud with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Yercaud

Here is the list of things to do in Yercaud and tourist attractions in city.

  1. 32-km Loop Road

    View Point, Scenic Drive, Nature, Road

    A beautiful loop of road with multiple hairpin bends that are lined with electric greenery, the 32-km Loop Road is what avid drivers dream of. Rent a Car and simply drive through the area as you are lost in a tranquil space that spoils you with some of the most picturesque views around the city. Don’t forget to take a few pit-stops to click some fabulous pictures on your way.
  2. Big Lake

    Landmark, Lake, Picnic Spot, Nature

    The Big Lake is more popularly known as the Emerald lake and is a dip in nature therapy with rich gardens maintained at the shores and mountains that form the prefect backdrop as you sail the lake’s pristine water. The island in the middle of the lake is where you can find the Deer park. Pack a picnic basket with you to come here and relax amidst the refreshing trees as you enjoy the view...Read more
  3. Pagoda Point

    4.1 (490 Votes)
    Pagoda Point

    View Point, Observatory

    Yercaud’s beauty can be best admired from thePagoda Point- a place that shows you a bird’s eye view of Salem and Kakambadi surrounded by the majestic mountain peaks that are covered with a thick blanket of trees. Even though the climb to the point is much more difficult that the Ladies’ Seat, you are left speechless by the view, by the untouched mountain air and the effortless...Read more
  4. Kiliyur Falls

    3.8 (411 Votes)
    Kiliyur Falls

    Hiking Trail, Nature

    Located less than 5 kilometers away, the Kiliyur Fallsis one of the most elegant waterfalls around the city with a gentle slope that embraces the white water. The falls is formed by an overflow in the Yercaud Lake and covers an astounding height of 300 feet! Monsoons revitalize the gentile flows to create a sight close to no other in the city! The surrounding Shervarayan hill range is lovely to...Read more
  5. Shevaroy Temple

    4.3 (373 Votes)
    Shevaroy Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Located on top of the Shevaroy mountain, the Shevaroy Temple is home to the main idols of Lord Shevaroyan and Goddess Kaveri. Visit the temple to pray and don’t forget to take a few minutes to admire the view of Yercaud and Nagalurfrom here as well. The hike to the top is just as relaxing. The temple is visited by devotees during the month of May to be a part of the annual festival.
  6. Lady's Seat

    3.9 (440 Votes)
    Lady's Seat

    Outdoors, View Point, Picnic Spot

    The Lady's Seatcompared to the Gent’s Seat is an easier hike and is one of the most popular lookout points around Yercaud. Eventhough you can hire an auto rickshaw to reachthe place, it is recommended to climb to the point since the walk here is just as enchanting. Carry a picnic basket with you and you have one of the most beautiful places to relax with ascrumptious bite.
  7. Anna Park

    3.8 (506 Votes)
    Anna Park


    Surrounded by the enigmatic Shevaroy hills, Anna Park is loved for its view, its vast collection of plants, well maintained landscape and is one of the most popular family spots in Yercaud. The park combines the Lake Park, Deer Park, Gandhi Park, a Japanese park and Children's Park- giving you a refreshing time as you leave the hustle bustle of the city behind to be pampered by the simpler thin...Read more
  8. Gent's Seat

    4 (436 Votes)
    Gent's Seat

    View Point, Nature

    The Gent's Seatis another nature-lover’s spot in Yercaud with a fabulous view of the city from a distance. Take a walk around the area to explore your favorite spot as you look upon a vast expanse of inundating valleys and peaks covered with lush greenery. See the sunset here to later admire the shimmering city lights that shimmer in the dark. The viewing decks and gazebos stand out from ...Read more
  9. Botanical Garden

    3.8 (197 Votes)
    Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden, Nature

    The Botanical Gardenis where you can see the famous Kurinji flowers that bloom twice every 12 years, the lovely orchids at the Orchidarium (home to 30 species of the flowers) along with other varieties of plants. The garden is home to a total of 3000 trees and 1800 shrubs placed in the well maintained landscaped area that still manages to trick you into think you are in the wild. Don’t mi...Read more
  10. Karadiyur View Point

    4.2 (47 Votes)
    Karadiyur View Point

    View Point, Nature

    Located in the cozy Kardiyur village, the Karadiyur View Pointoffers the view of the untouched side of the globe with cascadingvalleys and mesmerizing peaks that cover acres of land. The experience is one of a kind, off the beaten path with a narrow, pedestrian walkway that takes you to the observation deck. Don’t forget to carry a camera to click some fabulous pictures before you leave t...Read more
  11. Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Architecture

    The Sri Raja Rajeswari Templeis one of the most popular temples in Yercaud where locals and tourists go to pray for wealth, prosperity, health, success and spiritual bliss! The temple is dedicated to the Goddess of all Gods and is loved for its tranquility and peace. Pray here for a happier life and take a walk around later to see the idols, the architecture and the design of the temple.
  12. Rose Garden

    3.8 (170 Votes)
    Rose Garden

    Garden, View Point

    The Rose Garden is where an array of colorful roses welcome you to get lost in the fragrance as you walk around the green space. The silk farm lies nearby where you can see mulberry trees and silk worms grown here. Do make it a point to seethe silk-spinning process when you visit. The garden itself is perfect for plant lovers who are looking for a beautiful place to relax.  Don’t for...Read more
  13. Childrens Seat

    4.1 (50 Votes)
    Childrens Seat

    Park, View Point

    Summing up the three main viewing points in Yercaud (other two being the Lady’s seat and the Gent’s seat), the Children’s Seat has a children’s park that overlooks the gorgeous valley and the view of the city from a distance. The man made tower with Telescopes is part of the highlight of the place. On a clear day you can see the Mettur Dam from here. Try to spot the magn...Read more
  14. Sri Chakra Mahameru Temple


     Named after the Maha Meru that can be seen from the Sri Chakra, the temple is home to the idol of Goddess Lalitha Tripurasundari who is believed to be more powerful that the Trinity- Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. The three dimensional pyramid of the temple showcases the Sri Chakra when viewed from top.  Visit the place to take in the tranquil atmosphere of the place and to experience the me...Read more
  15. Deer Park

    3.6 (127 Votes)
    Deer Park


    A small but quiet beautiful place to see a few Deer, the Deer Park location itself isunique. Surrounded by the Emerald Lake, the park is a perfect addition to explore when you visit the city. Along with Deer, the place is home to Peacocks, Guinea Pigs and other gorgeous creatures. The place is a fun stop if you love animals and want to see a few of them up close.