15 Best Things To Do in Yokosuka, Japan

by Shraddhanvita Tiwari Updated on 15 Oct 2018

Nestled in Kanagawa prefecture, Yokosuka is one of the major cities in Central Japan. The city is surrounded by Tokyo Bay in the east and Sangami Bay in the west. Yokosuka also grew an important industrial part of Central Japan and has contributed to its economic growth. There are few small islands that can be accessed by taking a ferry ride from Yokosuka. The city is also home to many museums, parks, theatres and shopping streets. Yokosuka Naval Base is one of the main attractions. Let us have a look at what are some wonderful things to do in Yokosuka.

1. Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Attraction Type: Aquarium/ Leisure Center

Just 28 minutes’ drive from Yokosuka and you will reach one of the biggest amusement centers in central Japan called Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. This leisure center is home to a beautiful aquarium, a shopping mall, hotel, and also offers exciting rides. The aquarium houses over 100,000 fishes and many other aquatic animals. There is an interactive zone for kids to enhance their knowledge about the marine life.

2. Mikasa Park

Attraction Type: Memorial Park

Mikasa Park is home to one of the greatest historical warships. The huge battleship of Mikasa is the central attraction of the park. In addition to this, the harbor front area of the park offers a huge play area and some beautiful fountains. There are some monuments related to the war at this popular attraction of Yokosuka.

3. Sarushima

Attraction Type: Island

Close to Yokosuka, there is a small island which is a favorite tourist destination in Yokosuka to many people. This uninhabited island is the perfect place to explore the flora and fauna of Japan. Located in Tokyo Bay, this island is also called as the Monkey Island. A 15-minute ferry ride from Mikasa to Sarushima will let you enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the bay.

4. Marine Park

Attraction Type: Beach Park

For a family picnic, Marine Park is the best place to be at in Yokosuka. One of the top tourist attractions in Yokosuka, this lush green park is located on the beach and provides plenty of opportunities for leisure activities. The water on the beach shallow enough to be enjoyed by the kids. There are fountains and a play area in the park.

5. Yokosuka Soleil Hill

Attraction Type: Amusement Park

Nestled on the southwest corner of the city, Yokosuka Soleil Hill is a wonderful amusement park where you will surely have the most relaxing time. The park offers plethora of activities for kids and adults. One can enjoy the horseback riding, interesting games, petting the animals, and harvesting vegetables in this park.

6. Kannonzaki Lighthouse

Attraction Type: Lighthouse

The white octagonal building of Kannonzaki Lighthouse is located on Cape Cannon and often regarded as Japan’s first lighthouse and is one of the great points of interest in Yokosuka. Built in 1925, this beautiful lighthouse is surrounded by a park that offers a huge play area for kids. Enjoy the spectacular views of the sea from the high vantage point of this lighthouse.

7. Yokosuka Museum of Art

Attraction Type: Art Museum

An ideal place for all the art lovers who are touring the city, Yokosuka Museum of Art is located in Kannonzaki Park. Opened in 2007, this park displays a large collection of 5,000 art pieces. The museum also has a restaurant from where one can gaze at the ocean. A great place to stop at if you want to discover the Japanese art.

8. Yokosuka Naval Port Cruise

Attraction Type: Cruise/ Port

One of the famous place in the city is Yokosuka Naval Base. in addition to the US Naval Base, the port of Yokosuka is home to many battleships. The Naval Port Cruise will take you on a tour of these battleships and military activities in Japan. After coming back from this 45-minute cruise, you can also gorge on a delicious hamburger at one of the restaurants near the pier on the port.

9. Tateishi Park

Attraction Type: Seaside Park

If there is a place from where one can catch the picturesque sunset behind the boundless ocean, it’s Tateishi Park. Located on the beach, Tateishi Park is a heaven for people who enjoy tranquility. The park also offers the views of Mount Fuji. There are small walking trails in the park where you can take your pet for an evening walk.

10. Hashirimizu Shrine

Attraction Type: Shrine

Another place where one can spend some time in solitude and spirituality is Hashirimizu Shrine. This historical shrine is located on a small hill near the sea. The old structure of the shrine provides a glimpse of Japanese myths. Hiking up to the shrine will also let you have the beautiful views of the ocean and nearby area.

Apart from all the museums, beaches, lighthouse, and parks, there are a lot of things to do in Yokosuka Japan at night. Some of the best things are listed below.

11. Dobuita Street Shopping

Attraction Type: Shopping Street

Dobuita Street is the main shopping area of Yokosuka, Japan. This shopping street is lined by a number of restaurants, bars, and stores laden with Japanese art, craft, and clothes. Besides, you will find a lot of American products as well. Yokosuka Navy Burgers and Curry is something you must try at one of the restaurants here.

12. Craft Beer at Nawlins

Attraction Type: Barbeque and Bar

Nawlins BBQ & Craft Beer House serves the perfect combination of Japanese craft beer with American BBQ. The restaurant features a great selection of craft beer. The cool ambiance of this place is another feather on its cap. One can also watch a show on the television while enjoying the meal.

13. Sushi Food

Attraction Type: Restaurant

Trying the Sushi food in Yokosuka is something one should not miss. There are plenty of Sushi restaurants in Yokosuka in downtown and shopping districts such as Hamazushi, Kappa Sushi, Kara Sushi etc. that offer best sushi in the city. Hamazushi is a Michelin restaurant along the Sangami coast where you will love tasting the sushi accompanied by some beer.

14. Roundabout Bar

Attraction Type: Bar

To relish the best cocktails in Yokosuka, Roundabout Bar is the best place to be at. The bar presents a large selection of Whiskey. The bar also offers lively music along with snacks. Roundabout Bar is a great place to enjoy Yokosuka nightlife with friends.

15. Yokosuka Arts Theatre

Attraction Type: Performing Arts Theatre

Located in the Bay Square complex, Yokosuka Arts Theatre has a horseshoe-shaped structure. The main hall of the theatre has a seating arrangement of 1,806. There is another hall that offers 600 seats. Many famous artists from the city and other parts of the country come here for a musical or theatrical performance.


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Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Yokosuka, Japan

Must see places in Yokosuka ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Yokosuka and points of interest to visit.

  1. # 1 of 31 Things To Do in Yokosuka | Added 143 times in trip plans
    Mt Fuji

    Tags: Mountain, View Point, Hiking Trail

    Address: 5 Chome Nagasawa, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken 239-0842, Japan

    Similar, yet unlike the famous Mount Fuji, this mountain is as glorious and a little simpler than the majestic mountain. It takes almost an hour to climb the mountain, with the summit offering views t...Read more

  2. # 2 of 31 Things To Do in Yokosuka | Added 8 times in trip plans
    Black Eyes Tattoo Shop Image

    Address: 1 Chome-5-10 Honchō, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken 238-0041, Japan

    Timings: 10:00 am - 09:00 pm Details
    Google Reviews
    Milen Robles

    Nice people and Fluent in English. Moto did a great job on my Tiger tat!

    Read more
  3. # 3 of 31 Things To Do in Yokosuka | Added 234 times in trip plans
    Kurihama Flower Park Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: 239 0832, 1-12 Shinmeichō, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken 239-0832, Japan

    Google Reviews

    What a hidden gem. Great place for a vigorous walk for you and your dog. Clean and quiet (of course). I came during off peak times but can't wait to keep coming back when the flowers are in bloom....

    Read more
  4. # 4 of 31 Things To Do in Yokosuka | Added 267 times in trip plans
    Mikasa Park Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: Japan, 〒238-0003 Kanagawa-ken, Yokosuka-shi, Inaokachō, 82−14

    Timings: 08:00 am - 09:00 pm Details
    Google Reviews
    Paul Moran

    Beautiful park. We had a nice visit here

    Read more
  5. # 5 of 31 Things To Do in Yokosuka | Added 63 times in trip plans
    Yokosuka Childrens Bicycle Park Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: 17-1, ファミリーマート横須賀根岸町店 3丁目-17 根岸町 横須賀市 神奈川県 239-0807, Japan

    Google Reviews
    Irun Japan

    The kids enjoyed it so all good.

    Read more
  6. # 6 of 31 Things To Do in Yokosuka | Added 11 times in trip plans
    Cadence Light House Image

    Address: Japan, 〒238-0016 Kanagawa-ken, Yokosuka-shi, Fukadadai, 深田台45−1

    Google Reviews
    Car Car Binks

    Amazing host family and amazing fellowship! Plus a free dinner. This is my family's Church since we've been stationed here in Yokosuka.

    Read more
  7. # 7 of 31 Things To Do in Yokosuka | Added 62 times in trip plans
    Tateishi Park Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: Japan, 〒240-0105 Kanagawa-ken, Yokosuka-shi, Akiya, 3 Chome−5, 秋谷3丁目5

    Google Reviews
    Louie Canedo

    A wonderful little park with a big rock in the ocean and cliffs you can climb with little grassy areas. Plenty of free parking when I went and hardly a soul around. The water is so clear you can see t...

    Read more
  8. # 8 of 31 Things To Do in Yokosuka | Added 79 times in trip plans
    Eburineishiyonchiyachiheng Xu He  Every Nation Church Yokosuka Image

    Tags: Church

    Address: Japan, 〒238-0014 Kanagawa-ken, Yokosuka-shi, Miharuchō, 2 Chome 三春町2-11 M.S.ビル3F

    Google Reviews
    Brandon Alexson

    Fantastic! A church that provides free quality live music you can sing along to if you want, and free in depth study and teaching of the very historical widely popular book the Bible and Christian fai...

    Read more
  9. # 9 of 31 Things To Do in Yokosuka | Added 45 times in trip plans
    Xie Shen She  Image

    Address: 1 Chome-1-13 Nishiuraga, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken 239-0824, Japan

    Timings: 08:30 am - 05:00 pm Details
    Google Reviews
    Sam Soto

    Great shrine with a nice view.

    Read more
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