Best Things To Do in York, United Kingdom

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  • National Railway Museum
  • York Castle Museum
  • York City Walls
  • The Shambles
  • Jorvik Viking Centre
  • York Minster
  • York Maze
  • Museum Gardens
  • The York Dungeon
  • York's Chocolate Story
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Theatre Royal
  • York Cold War Bunker
  • Yorkshire Air Museum
  • Fairfax House
  • Treasurer's House
  • Yorkshire Wheel
  • Yorkshire Lavender
  • Yorkshire Museum
  • Clifford's Tower
  • Haunted, 35 Stonegate
  • DIG


  • 6th Gear Experience Elvington Airfield near York
  • Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens (Stillingfleet)
  • Merchant Adventurers' Hall
  • Goddards Garden
  • St. Mary's Abbey
  • Breezy Knees Gardens and Nursery
  • The Royal Dragoon Guards Museum
  • Holgate Windmill
  • Church of St. Michael le Belfrey
  • York Racecourse
  • Creepy Crawlies Adventure Playsite
  • Grand Opera House
  • Parish Church of All Saints
  • Barley Hall
  • Rowntree Park
  • York Railway Station
  • Quilt Museum and Gallery
  • Mansion House
  • Bar Convent Museum
  • Dean's Park
  • Kirkham Priory
  • St. Crux Parish Hall
  • The Web Adventure Park
  • York City Art Gallery
  • Micklegate Bar Museum
  • The Ice Factor

Below we have a list of things to do in York and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your York getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to York with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in York

Here is the list of things to do in York and tourist attractions in city.

  1. York Minster

    Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    The city of York has had a long, eventful association with Christianity that was established as early as the 4th Century. The York Minster was first built in 600 AD but as power changed hands in York, the cathedral went through the unfortunate incidents of fire, destruction time and time again. It wasn’t until 1472 that the Minster was remodelled and completed in the form it stands today....Read more
  2. The Shambles

    4.6 (695 Votes)
    The Shambles

    Walking Area, Street Market, Streets

    This is where you shopaholics will find your Paradise in York. Located in the city centre of York, Shambles is one of the oldest streets in Europe. It's eerie past dates back to the medieval period when it served as a huge meat market. Deprived of modern day hygienic facilities, the butchers on the street had no option but to throw the blood and guts down the street. Thus any muddled or messy s...Read more
  3. York City Walls

    Walking Area, Historical Site, Architecture

    Who needs pavements when you can walk the city walls? Present day York had been, since time immemorial, a walled area to protect it against invaders. In the beginning, there were the Romans – the original walls were built around 71 AD. Since then, every occupant of this beautiful city has either torn down the labour of his predecessor or upgraded it. Today the York City Walls are 3.4 km l...Read more
  4. York Castle Museum

    4.6 (653 Votes)
    York Castle Museum

    Art And Culture, Historical Site, Architecture , Specialty Museum

    York Castle Museum isn’t just going to show you the past - it’s going to let you be a part of it. The museum stands on the site of York Castle, built in 1068 by William the Conqueror. The present edifice used to be a Debtor’s Prison and the museum has used this disturbing detail to its advantage. York Castle Museum covers major segments of English history in a creative fashion...Read more
  5. The York Dungeon

    4.6 (416 Votes)
    The York Dungeon

    Entertainment, Stage Show

    Move over snooty English museums, it’s time for some gruesome tales from the past! England has had more than its fair share of gore and horror in the pages of its history.The York Dungeon recreates the dungeons of yore with full theatre cast, special effects and exhibitions that engage and entice all your senses. The Dungeon had been severely damaged by floods from the River Ouse. After a...Read more
  6. Museum Gardens

    4.6 (487 Votes)
    Museum Gardens

    Botanical Garden, Walking Area, Entertainment

    Looking to spend some tranquil moments at the city centre? Park yourself at the Museum Gardens. Spread over an area of 10 acres, this is a luxuriant botanical garden at the banks of the River Ouse. The garden holds a vast variety of plants, trees and animal life. Look around and find over 4,500 species of lush flora. The Gardens host a lot of social events as well as festival celebrations. Many...Read more
  7. York Maze

    4.7 (72 Votes)
    York Maze

    Garden, Entertainment

    York Maze is made up of over a million maize plants and happens to be the largest maze in United Kingdom. Isn’t that just amazing? York Maze opens for the summer and has a good variety of fun attractions. The main Maize maze is a large maize field that is planted each year and artistically designed into unique crop patterns. Just after Halloween, the crop is harvested and used as animal f...Read more
  8. Treasures House

    4.6 (209 Votes)
    Treasures House

    Entertainment, Games

    The Treasure’s House was home to the Treasurers of York Minster till the 16th century after which it came to be owned privately. Today it is maintained by the National Trust and offers insight into thousands of years of history from its foundation to the roof. As you move around the house, do take a moment to gaze into the Verre Eglomise ornate mirror that is being restored to its former...Read more
  9. Holy Trinity Church

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Rarely does one come across a church with so much personality. The 15th century building, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the town, has a marvellous architectural design. The Goodramgatearea comprises of some of York’s oldest structures. The church’s façade and floor have such an appealingly vintage quality, you can’t help but compare it to the taste of well-a...Read more
  10. Yorkshire Air Museum

    4.7 (126 Votes)
    Yorkshire Air Museum

    Specialty Museum, Courtyard

    Situated in the scenic countryside, Yorkshire Air Museum and Allied Air Forces Memorial is a one of a kind tribute to the development of aircrafts through the ages and the men and women who served in British Air Forces. The museum was opened to the general public in the 1980s with the aim of generating awareness about the history of aviation in the country. Apart from holding exceptional exhibi...Read more
  11. Cliffords Tower

    4.2 (438 Votes)
    Cliffords Tower

    Tower, Picnic Spot

    The Clifford’s Tower was established as a symbol of power by William the Conqueror in 1068. However it soon became the site of bloody and gruesome affair. In 1190, hundreds of Jews were massacred and the place was burned to the ground. It went through a cycle of rebirth and destruction till the 17th century and was also used as a debtor’s prison. Today, Clifford’s Tower stands...Read more
  12. Haunted, 35 Stonegate

    2.5 (243 Votes)
    Haunted, 35 Stonegate

    Specialty Shop

    Ghostly screeches, apparitions and spooky, indistinct murmur…35 Stonegate, a 700 years old mansion, is reputed to be haunted. Visitors claim to have experienced unexplainable presences in the house. Ghost hunters and many TV shows have explored the premises for possible explanations to the local legends. The first ominous warning you get is the 1682 Bible hanging on the front door&hellip...Read more
  13. Yorkshire Museum

    4.3 (62 Votes)
    Yorkshire Museum


    The Yorkshire Museum came up in 1830 and has since then has housed collections deemed to be of national and international importance. The Museum has collections dating back to prehistoric times and the artefacts found here are biological, astronomical, archaeological and geological in nature.  Therefore this happens to be a Mecca for nerds of all kind. One of the major attractions at the ...Read more
  14. Yorkshire Lavender

    4.4 (248 Votes)
    Yorkshire Lavender

    Park, View Point

    You cannot ignore the colour purple and you cannot ignore the Yorkshire Lavender. The owner of Yorkshire Lavender was inspired to purchase the 60 acre farmland shortly after the death of his wife from cancer. He and his very young children found the garden to be an exciting new project in tribute to Lynne – wife and mother. This heavenly lavender farm is situated on a hillside and happens...Read more
  15. Fairfax House

    4.5 (166 Votes)
    Fairfax House

    Art And Culture, Historical Site, Architecture , Specialty Museum

    When you visit the castles and cathedrals of York, you see places where the rich and famous of old Yorkshire worked and prayed. But where did the nobility of Yorkshire live? What were there homes like? Fairfax House is a 18th Century townhouse that belonged to Viscount Charles Gregory Fairfax. It was built in the finest architectural design of the Georgian age. After the death of its owner, it ...Read more
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