Zadar Tourism

For the travel enthusiasts looking forward to their first trip to Croatia, Zadar should definitely be on their bucket list. And why not? The city has a lot in it to offer than you may have expected. It is an explicable blend of rich cultural history and modern lifestyle and people who have a knack for historical antiques will seldom find themselves be bored during their trip.  The city is the historical center of Croatia dalmatian and one of the oldest inhabited city in the country. Apart from being the historical centerpiece, it is adorned with beautiful cosmopolitan cafes, medieval churches and quality museums that will leave you intrigued.

The city made its first appearance in the 4th century as a settlement of Illyrian tribe. In the later period of its existence, it became a Roman Municipium occupied by Roman civilians. It was this period when Zadar saw most of its architectural and cultural development. It won’t be wrong to say that most of the city's affluence and character come from Romans. Later the government was won over and ruled by many other ethnicities starting with Austrians later followed by Romans and Italians. The last resort was made by Serbian aggressors in 1991 which left visible consequences on the city. Today Zadar as a symbolic monument of its cultural and historical opulence. 

The best thing about the place that it is less crowded and provides a lot of space for tourists to explore. Rich in natural surroundings, the city has it all. From dusky mountains, crystal clear coasts, to verdant national parks, Zadar offers everything that you might need for a happening traveling expedition. Travelers visiting the old town can get a glimpse of the Roman artistry and culture in its architectural ruins , medieval Romanesque churches, and other art structures. Two of the main highlights of the city are Sea Organ and Sun Salutations, something that is not to be missed. The southern stretch of this coastal city is known for beautiful beaches that are often crowded with relaxing sunseekers while the northern arena speaks of the city’s natural beauty and cultural charm. From quiet street sprawls on pine-scented beaches to an abrupt trip to the nearby remote islands, there is always something to explore in Zadar.  And that is not all, the delightful cuisine that you can sample in the popular food joints just gives you more reason to visit the place again. Learn more about the city and what it has to offer considering the best time to visit. 


Essential travel information and Zadar tips for your visit

General Info:

  • Time zone- UTC 01:00
  • Currency- Croatian kuna
  • Electricity and Internet- The voltage of Zadar is 220 Volts. Internet facilities are sound in the city. You might buy a local sim or use the internet café in need.
  • Languages- Croatian


  • Emergency number- 112
  • Police- 192
  • Fire brigade- 193
  • Ambulance- 195


  • For people who are planning to travel outside the normal tourist resorts must seek the local guidance as there is a possibility of some unexploded mines in the war affected areas. It is better to follow the beaten path.
  • Before going for hiking seek expert advice from local guides as the weather in Croatian mountain are unstable and often changes very quickly.

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