Best Things To Do in Zadar, Croatia

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If you are looking for an amazing time to spend in you Zadar excursion, rest assured, you are going to have one. The place just has so much to offer. From walking, around to Zadar’s historic center to go sight watching the breath-taking cathedrals, there is a lot you can do during your visit. During a breezy day visit Sea Organ, a building consisting of a series of pipes springing music like cacophony that will leave you enthralled with its soft soothing melody. Another one of the popular attraction is the Monument of the Sun, a huge disc consisting solar powered cells that radiate multicolored lights during dusks. The two monuments have been built by the same person and are considered to be amazing architectural marvels in the country. 

For travelers interested in more classical sights can visit Roman Forum, a cultural marvel once that now lay as a popular Roman ruin. The city has a beautiful cathedral build in the 12th century and has three beautiful portals to use. Other places include numerous churches like St Simeon and St Mary Church that are very popular among the visitors. A short trip with gnarled boatmen or an interesting peek in the markets of the old town is something to be tried at least once. Ferries are a major part of Zadar’s culture and one must definitely take a dig in it. The early morning ferry to Dugi Otok, a drive north to Sakarun beaches, a well-planned sail to Sali, or a perfect hiking trip in the nearby mountains, you will have a lot to enjoy in your trips. The cafés are also popular stops for tourists known for their flavors and taste. 

Below we have a list of things to do in Zadar and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Zadar getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Zadar with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Zadar

Here is the list of things to do in Zadar and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Sea Organ

    4.7 (538 Votes)
    Sea Organ

    View Point, Walking Area, Leisure, Architecture

    A beautiful amalgamation of art, architecture and nature, the place stands as an architectural masterpiece for the world to see and admire. This 70 meters long series of beautifully crafted stairs lies in the western side of Zadar and has been designed to hum to the tune of the ever changing waves creating a symphony that attract millions every year. Thousands of people visit the place for its ...Read more
  2. Paklenica National Park

    4.8 (525 Votes)
    Paklenica National Park

    Outdoors, Hiking Trail, Adventure, Rock Climbing

    Situated near the coast of North Dalmatia, this beautiful national preserve is known for it dazzling view, stunning beaches and lively green forests. Fabricated with natural rock faces apt for climbing and hiking, it has become a must visiting destination for climbers and fun seekers who are up for a challenge and want to have some fun. Laid back travelers are not left behind either. They can w...Read more
  3. The Greeting To The Sun

    4.4 (513 Votes)
    The Greeting To The Sun

    View Point

    Very close to the renowned Sea Organ, this architectural marvel is an another masterpiece of Nikola Basic where he test waters against the traditional paveway of architecture and designing. It is a monument dedicated to the sun and consists a 22 meter wide circle with 300 multi layered glass plates built for absorbing sun’s energy during the day and reflecting it into a beautiful vista in...Read more
  4. Zadar City Gate


    Zadar is the city of gates. It’s different yet impressive entrances has got it on the list of one of the most popular attractions in the country. Amongst all these spectacular structures, Land Gate, built in the little Fosa harbour, strikes most to its visitors. Its elaborated structure standing firm in an elegant setting reminds us of the resurgence of the Dalmatia and gives us an honest...Read more
  5. St. Donatus Church

    4.7 (743 Votes)
    St. Donatus Church

    Church, Religious Site

    Originally called the Church of the Holy Trinity, the chancel has been renamed after its founder St. Donatus in 15th century, exactly 6 years after its construction. Built on the ruins of the Roman Forum, the pre romanesque church reflects the Byzantine style of engineering and stands as the very symbol of Zadar in the world. Travelers huddle to the place to witness its simplistic yet intriguin...Read more
  6. Archeological Museum

    4.6 (677 Votes)
    Archeological Museum


    Build in 18th century, the museum is considered to be one of the oldest museums in the Europe. The fact that it embodies artifacts from different eras way back in the past, be it stone ages, metals ages, or the reforming Roman and Byzantine periods, has made it an attractive destination among tourists. It has more than 100,000 artifacts for visitors on display reinstating the lure of stories an...Read more
  7. Museum Of Illusions

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    Another one of its gems that Zadar offers to its visitors. It is not a museum, but a mesmerizing, mind boggling corner for individuals who are in for a brain rattling experience filled with illusions, challenges and fun. It entails numerous exhibits such as Vortex tunnel, Mirror room, Inverted room, Anti gravity room, and infinity room that is not only interesting but has an informative approac...Read more
  8. Park Prirode Telascica

    4.6 (165 Votes)
    Park Prirode Telascica

    Outdoors, View Point, Nature

    Located in the south of the Island, the national preserve is surrounded by nature and beauty. Travelers visiting the preserve often find themselves intrigued by the surrounding forest, beautiful vineyards and rocky meadows. The place is rich in plantation and greenery with more than 400 different species of plants along with various wildlife that are open for tourists to witness. One wish to ex...Read more
  9. Museum Of Ancient Glass

    4.5 (375 Votes)
    Museum Of Ancient Glass

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    One of the city’s newest attractions, the museum is everything one need to visit to witness beauty, art and history. Housed in Cosmacendi Palace, it has an outstanding collection of Roman glassware and artifacts excavated from different parts of Dalmatia. Visitors visiting the place will get to see a lot of relics including various cup wares, flasks, and vessels. Demonstrations of glassbl...Read more
  10. Narodni Trg U Zadru

    2.5 (396 Votes)
    Narodni Trg U Zadru

    Landmark, Walking Area, Square, Tower

    Located in the centre of the city, this romanesque style clock tower is a well recognised landmark in Zadar and a highly visited place among tourists. The great square was established in the medieval times and had been bustling with people since then. Today you can see a throngs of people, both foreigners and natives going to the square and busying themselves amid food and shops. Every evening ...Read more
  11. Five Wells Square

    Landmark, Architecture

    Named after the five wells that it consists of, this 16th century built attraction garners a lot of tourist attention simply for its unique design and timeless architecture. The place had been a major refuge during the time of Turkish sieges when these wells were used to supply water throughout the city and still reminds of those struggling times. Later fortified, it is now a common destination...Read more
  12. St. Anastasia's Cathedral

    Religious Site, Cathedral

    The Roman cathedral was built in 12th century and is considered to be the largest cathedral in Dalmatia. Built in the style of Christian basilica, it has been reformed after the war with a more Romanesque touch to it. For anyone with religious or historical inclination, it has a lot to offer. Go through the beautifully carved walls and relish in its peaceful and quiet surrounding. The bell towe...Read more
  13. Zrmanja

    River, Boating, Nature

    One of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, Zrmanja is blessed with both scenic beauty and natural charm. Home to numerous diverse species, it is amongst the favorite muse of nature lovers who flocks to this place in need of a nice break from their hectic lifestyle. Tourists who are looking for more adventure are offered with various choices, from boating, rafting to dining. There are numerous ...Read more
  14. Monastery Of St. Francis Of Assisi In Zadar

    Religious Site, Monastery

    It is an old monastery whose inception dates as back as to 13th century and is renowned as the oldest gothic church in the city. Though small, it is a very significant part of Zadar’s history and that can be evident in its small museum with the collection of unique religious relics. Its marble altar is beautifully designed and structured and can leave anyone in awe of it. The place in its...Read more
  15. The Gold And Silver Of Zadar

    Museum, Exhibition

    Popularly called as the Gold and Silver of Zadar, the place was originally established as a benedictine convent which has been turned into an interesting museum like place now for tourists and travelers to visit and explore. It has an enticing collection of numerous rustic objects and artefacts that dates as back as to 8th century. Thanks to its amazing design, it has become one of the favorite...Read more