How to Reach Zakopane


  • By air: The nearest Polish airport is the Krakow-Balice airport, around 100 kilometres away from Zakopane. Fliers can take a train or bus to get to Zakopane from Krakow.
  • By rail: Five trains connect Krakow to Zakopane daily. The total time taken to get from one city to other is around 4 hours. Overnight trains to Warsaw and Wroclaw are available too. 
  • By road: Various company buses ply from Krakow to Zakopane. A bus can take around 3 hours to cover the distance between the two cities. A direct bus to Zakopane is also available from Budapest. Road number 47 takes drivers to Zakopane. Traffic is plentiful on the roads of Poland. 
  • By foot: You can cross over from Slovakia via the Lysa Polana border.


  • By Bus: PKS buses can take you anywhere in town.
  • By Minibus: These have fixed rates and routes. They can be hired in advance if your destination falls on their route.
  • Taxis are available for travelling anywhere in Zakopane.