Best Time To Visit Zandvoort

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Best Time To Go To Zandvoort

Zandvoort is located near Amsterdam. So it experiences a similar kind of climate like that of Amsterdam. Hence, expect oceanic climate in this part of Netherland. However, occasionally the temperature sometimes does rise up or fall down drastically. So, if you are visiting Zandvoort for the first time, learn about its climate beforehand.

As per the climate date, Zandvoort experience four distinct seasons:

  • Spring (March to April): Though the beginning of spring remains cool, the latter half starts becoming warm. Still the pleasant weather makes the climate quite favorable to explore Amsterdam. Another positive fact about this season is, you get hotel deals at much lower price. This is primarily because it is off-season for Zandvoort. And with the Tulip Festival in Amsterdam, you get a definite reason to travel to Zandvoort in this season.
  • Summer (June to August): Summer is usually considered as the peak season for Zandvoort. It is primarily because of the warm climate that makes the city favorable for tourists and backpackers come and spend their vacation. Hence, be prepared to face high price for accommodations and flights.
  • Winter (December to February): Expect extremely cold temperature if you are coming to Zandvoort in this season. On the other hand, the festive decoration for Christmas throughout Netherland is a treat for the eyes. Hence, for celebrating Christmas you can definitely choose winter to visit Zandvoort.
  • Autumn (September to November): Like Spring, Autumn also experiences pleasant climate. The days are warm and the nights are cold. But there is less chance of extremes of temperature in this season. Hence, this off-season can also be considered to visit Zandvoort.

Ideally, autumn and spring are the best time to visit Zandvoort. This is because you get the tourist spots free of crowds and the hotel deals also come at a reasonable price. However, technically summer is considered as the ideal time because a lot of events take place in this season. But, don’t expect the town devoid of tourist crowd.

    We will be updating things to do in Zandvoort soon.