How to Reach Zanzibar


  • By air: Kisauni or Zanzibar International Airport has direct flights coming in from Johannesburg, Washington D.C as well as some major cities in Europe and Africa. You can hire a taxi to get to your hotel or opt for the hotel shuttle if that is an option. Decide on the taxi fare beforehand.
  • By ferry: You will find more flights connecting to the nearby Dar es Salaam airport in Dar city. To get to Zanzibar from here, you have the option of taking a ferry. It usually takes around two hours to cover the distance between the two but some companies have updated fleets that can take only 40 minutes to reach. Word of caution: The sea is quite rough here.
  • By cruise: Oceania cruises and Silversea Cruises have luxury liners stopping at one of the cities in Zanzibar or at Dar es Salaam. Most of these are heading to Cape Town and have stopovers at these locations in the archipelago.


  • Dala-Dala: One of the cheapest means of travelling around Zanzibar. These minibus taxis are an adventure of sorts and stop anywhere you want.
  • Car: Choose a reputed rental to rent a car as there are several confusing policies that may cause you to pay more. Try renting a car at the airport or ferry port itself. Keep your driving license and temporary driver’s permit with you when riding.