Events and Festivals in Zaragoza


  • Las Fiestas del Pilar: To honor the Virgin of the Pillar, this festival is celebrated in the month of October. It is believed that Virgin Mary visited this region, and to celebrate this event, the entire town is decorated with flowers and lights.
  • Reyes Magos: Commonly called as Three Kings, this festival sees floats on the streets, music and wine, parades and theatre for children. It is said that the Three Kings visit to bless the town and leave behind gifts for the children. This festival is celebrated in January.
  • Easter Week: A week just before easter sees the town in a different kind of energy. With its history dating back a couple of centuries, you will get to see celebrations, processions, music and food at its very best!
  • Festival of San Valero: Also celebrated in January, this festival celebrates the city’s patron saint. Theatre, folk music and traditional recipes are the highlights of this festival.
  • Fiestas de Primavera: Celebrated every May, this festival marks the beginning of spring. It is the best time to experience the local food, music and culture.

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