How to Reach Zermatt


  • By Air: There are no flights to Zermatt; you would have to land at a major city within the country and then switch to a train or a bus.
  • By Train: Trains are the best mode of transportation to get to Zermatt. Running on the hour to Visp and Brig; you can board a train to Visp from GenevaZurich or Basel. The train passes through Visp, where you can get off.
  • By Car: If you’re looking to drive down to Zermatt, you can drive as far as Täsch, where you’ll have to park your vehicle in a public parking space and take a bus to Zermatt.
  • By Bus: There are buses that run every day from the Matterhorn Terminal (Täsch) to Visp.


  • By Bus:The buses of Zermatt are electric or solar powered vehicles that run from one end of the town to another as well as some ski stations.
  • By Train:The only train that runs in Zermatt is one that runs to the top of Mt. Gornergrat.
  • By Car:No cars are allowed within the confines of the city. Zermatt is a car-free city.
  • By Taxi:If you’re booked with a top-end hotel, you’ll have the hotel send someone to pick you up from the station.