Best Things To Do in Zermatt, Switzerland

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  • Matterhorn: Switzerland’s pride and joy, the Matterhorn is dubbed as the most beautiful mountain of the world. You can get an up close view of the Matterhorn from the Klein Matterhorn, accessible by cable car or funicular train.
  • Matterhorn Museum: Everything you need to know about Zermatt can be found within the Matterhorn Museum. Detailing the journey of Zermatt from an Alpine village to a full blown popular ski-resort, the Matterhorn Museum has also dedicated a large part of its exhibits to the perils of all those who attempted to scale the Matterhorn.
  • GornergratBahn: Europe’s oldest and highest cog wheel offers some stunning views, as it makes it way up past prime peaks of Zermatt to a magnificent view deck with photo ops galore!

Below we have a list of things to do in Zermatt and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Zermatt getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Zermatt with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Zermatt

Here is the list of things to do in Zermatt and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Gornergrat Bahn

    4.7 (2387 Votes)
    Gornergrat Bahn

    Cable Car, Observation Deck

    It’s safe to assume that Zermatt is a place for epiphanies! The views, the high rise cable cars and the overall beauty of the place is sure to evoke some change within you, however minute it might be. One such epiphany shall descend on you is on the Gornergrat Bahn train ride to the top. Switzerland is one of those few places where you can go to the top of a peak without labouriously cli...Read more
  2. The Matterhorn

    4.7 (1857 Votes)
    The Matterhorn

    View Point, Hiking Trail

    Once you see the Matterhorn, don’t be surprised if you feel like you’ve seen it somewhere before. The shining glory of Switzerland, the Matterhorn is featured on the logo of the beloved chocolate brand, Toblerone. Right dubbed as the symbol of Switzerland, the Matterhorn is one of the most beautiful sights you’ll ever set your eyes on! The most photographed mountain of the wo...Read more
  3. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

    4.8 (1775 Votes)
    Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

    Geological Formation, Hiking Trail, Adventure

    If you thought you’ve seen a view to die for, you might want to hold your horses till you visit the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. Ride as high up to the beanstalk as you can with Europe’s highest altitude cable car to enjoy spectacular views of 14 glaciers and 30 mountain peaks, some of which are in France and Italy, not to mention the Matterhorn, of course. The Matterhorn Glacier P...Read more
  4. The Matterhorn Museum

    4.4 (776 Votes)
    The Matterhorn Museum

    Museum, Exhibition

    If you’re in Zermatt for a short while and are on a mission to see as much as Zermatt as you can in a short span, the Matterhorn Museum should be your first stop. In the most basic sense, the museum traces the development of Zermatt from a tiny Alpine village to the ski resort destination it is today! The museum also features the perils of all those who tried to scale the Matterhorn, los...Read more
  5. Sunnega Paradise Ski Area

    Hotel, Hiking Trail

    The Sunnega Paradise Ski Area is a tourist favorite for exploring the majestic Alpine peaks! Highlights Include: Skiing Spot Hiking trails throughout the area. The place offers accommodation and is known for tourists who are backpacking across the country to explore the mountains. Also, visit the popular attractions in the city by following Zermatt Itinerary 3 Days.
  6. Mountaineers Cemetery


    It’s not common knowledge but the mountains of Zermatt are a force to be reckoned with and the mountaineer’s cemetery stands testimony to that. Having claimed many-a-lives, the cemetery is a tribute to all those who lost their lives whilst attempting to scale the mountains of Zermatt. The graves of the first two mountaineers who tried to ascent the Matterhorn too are buried here. I...Read more
  7. Briethon

    4.8 (893 Votes)

    Hiking Trail, Skiing

    Briethon is the most famous place for skiers due to its apt terrain. A chalet hotel nearby makes it a popular choice for ski lovers who love to drop by during peak winter. Climb to the summit and ski down the magnificent peaks while you take in the sheer brilliance of it all! Surely an addition to your bucket list. Also, visit the popular attractions in the city by following Zermatt ...Read more
  8. St Mauritius Church

    4.4 (663 Votes)
    St Mauritius Church

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Built in 1913, the St Mauritius Church is a walk in history itself. The church is known for its characteristic stone architecture and the beautiful alters add a certain charm of the past to the present. A must if you love taking a walk through intimate, small places during your travels, the church is a beautiful way to spend an hour while you sightsee around Zermatt. Also, visit the popul...Read more
  9. Paperla Pub

    4.6 (483 Votes)
    Paperla Pub

    Food And Drinks, Pubs, Entertainment, Performance

    The Paperla Pub is the one stop all skiers and hikers in Zermatt go to after a long day of exploring. The pub is known for its warm, cozy ambience with good live music and a fantastic menu to go with it! Highlights Include: Apres- ski A must after you have gotten acquainted with the Swiss mountains. A good way to warm up over a hot meal and a few drinks. Also, visit the popular attraction...Read more
  10. Chocolaterie Laderach

    Food And Drinks, Specialty Shop

    A trip to Switzerland is incomplete without tasting some delicious chocolates and buying some as gifts! The Chocolaterie is located at the heart of the city and is known for its fresh and innovative flavors like strawberry, mousse and lemon yogurt- to name a few! Do take a nice long look around, trying different flavors and combinations before you buy oodles of chocolates for your loved ones.
  11. St Peters English Church

    Church, Religious Site

    A piece of history is attached to this whitewashed Anglican church. Although it’s called St. Peter’s Church, the church is also fondly referred to as the English Church; before the church was built, there was a large number of Christians who came from England. There would be special masses held for them on Sunday, before a special church was built for themfrom donations and help fro...Read more
  12. Monte Rosa

    4.8 (185 Votes)
    Monte Rosa

    Hiking Trail, Rock Climbing

    Monte Rosa, also known as Doufourspitze, is the highest mountain in Switzerland and is known for its challenging terrains, perfect for mountain climbing and hiking. A curious place for geologists and explorers including iconic figures like Leonardo da Vinci and botanist Horace-Benedict de Saussure, Monte Rosa has carved a new place for itself on the world map. If you love hiking and are an expe...Read more
  13. Unterrothorn

    4.6 (297 Votes)

    Hiking Trail, Adventure, Skiing

    Unterrothorn is one of the best places to ski around Zermatt. The peaks that surround the place are known as some of the best skiing regions in Switzerland. Highlights Include: Skiing Trekking and Hiking trails Chamois Sighting if you are lucky
  14. Gorner Glacier

    4.7 (423 Votes)
    Gorner Glacier

    Cave, View Point, Hiking Trail

    The Gorner Glacier is a valley glacier located to the south of Zermatt, on the west of the Monte Rosa Massif. The glacier with its rugged snowy terrain hides a rare phenomenon- Ice Caves which are beautiful and are hidden around the glacier. The place is known for mountaineering fanatics who are adventurous enough to seek out these icy blue caves during prime winter- an adrenaline rush in itsel...Read more
  15. Schwarzsee Lake

    4.8 (462 Votes)
    Schwarzsee Lake

    Outdoors, Hiking Trail, Coffee House, Lake

    Schwarzsee is the starting point for hiking Matterhorn. The lake is set among the mountain peaks- giving a beautiful scenery to all those who visit. Do visit the lake when you plan a visit to Matterhorn. A picnic by the lake is the perfect way to experience the mountains over a hot cup of coffee.

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