Famous Museums in Zurich

The museums in Zurich give the very essence of its citizens and rich culture. If you are looking for something deeper and more meaningful, head to the museums in city. Explore the cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical side of Zurich with these museums.
We have curated a variety of the best and free museums in city, besides the usual arts or historical ones. Explore and engage yourself with the wonders of science at the museum of science in Zurich. Get fascinated by the exceptional stories of heroes at war museums or memorials. You can go wow with your kids at the Natural history museums or enjoy some time at children's museums in Zurich.
Check out this list for an entertaining and enlightening trip to the museums in Zurich.

Let's explore the finest collection of museums in Zurich:

  1. Kunsthaus

    4.5 (11057 Votes)

    Art Museum, Arts And Crafts

    The Kunsthaus Zurich houses a standout amongst the most vital craftsmanship accumulations in Switzerland and Europe, gathered throughout the years by the neighborhood craft cooperation called Zurcher Kunstgesellschaft. The accumulation compasses from the Middle Ages to contemporary craft, with a stress on Swiss symbolization. The historical center was drawn-up by engineers Karl Moser and Robert...Read more
  2. Swiss National Museum

    4.4 (3069 Votes)
    Swiss National Museum

    Art And Culture, Museum

    A landmark museum for cultural history in Switzerland, the Swiss National Museum is a delight to visit and explore. The museum building dates back to 1898 and was built in a chateau style by Gustav Gull. A great place to explore gothic art, this museum also holds a promising collection of wooden sculptures and carved altars. Expect interactive exhibits like video and audio and a fantastic layou...Read more
  3. Zoological Museum Of The University Of Zurich

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    A wonderland for kids, the zoological museum is a great activity to do with the whole family. About 1500 animal species are on display at this informative museum, ranging from warthogs, bedbugs to toads even. Apart from the well laid out exhibits, there are regular audio-visual presentations that engage young and old minds equally. The changing special exhibitions showcase peculiar characterist...Read more
  4. Zurich Toy Museum

    4.1 (1264 Votes)
    Zurich Toy Museum

    Specialty Museum

    Depicting the last 300 years of childhood, the toy museum is a little wonderland that shows us the toys and games of the generations before. Filled with charming vintage toys and dolls that speak volumes about the evolution of technology, fashion and lifestyle, this museum is a great pastime for adults and children alike. Check out the train sets and steam engines that reflect the beginnings of...Read more
  5. Uhrenmuseum Beyer

    4.5 (827 Votes)
    Uhrenmuseum Beyer

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    One of the largest private collections of clocks and watches, Beyer museum is a treasure chest of time-keeping collectibles. The exhibits range from the era of 1400 BC to modern times, providing a fascinating experience to the visitor. The exhibition holds about 300 pieces that range from sundials to tower clocks with special pieces from renaissance period and pendulum clocks too. The collectio...Read more
  6. Centre Le Corbusier

    4.4 (337 Votes)
    Centre Le Corbusier

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    The Heidi Weber museum is a repository of Le Corbusier’s life and works. The Swiss born architect was known for his creativity and iconoclastic work. The museum contains many of his books, furniture and paintings. The museum is housed in the last building that Le Corbusier designed, in the heart of the Zurichhorn park. An exclusive collection of graphic works is also on display on select ...Read more
  7. Zunfthaus Zur Meisen

    4.6 (376 Votes)
    Zunfthaus Zur Meisen


    Built in 1757, the Zunfthaus zur Meisen is the guild house that links the past of the city with the present. The architecture of this house exhibits baroque style of architecture and looks astonishing even till today. The Swiss National Museum’s porcelain collection is kept at display inside for the visitors. Filigree figures and valuable tableware delineate the fascinating...Read more
  8. Focus Terra

    4.6 (193 Votes)
    Focus Terra


    Operated by ETH's university's geology department, the focus Terra is one museum that offers you an insight into the dynamics of geothermal incidents. Here, you can learn about volcanism and plate tectonics apart from getting educated on the nature of planet Earth and its world of wonders. The guided tour will also take you to earthquake simulator zone where you can experience how it feels duri...Read more
  9. Ethnographic Museum Of The University Of Zurich

    Museum, Educational Site, University

    The Ethnographic museum in Zurich claims to be the third oldest ethnological museum of Switzerland. It houses more than 40,000 objects from various fields but pertaining to ethnography as the main area of enquiry. Religious devices from Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Oceania, America and Africa along with their practices are also kept at display and explained respectively. Apart from that, t...Read more
  10. Foundation E. G. Buhrle

    4.3 (90 Votes)
    Foundation E. G. Buhrle

    Museum, Arts And Crafts, Specialty Museum, Sculpture

    Established by Buhrle family in Zurich to showcase Emil Georg Buhrle's important collection of European sculptures and paintings, this museum gathers much attention in the city. Housed inside a villa that stands near the Buhrle's former home, this is one attraction that attracts the connoisseurs of fine art. There is also a collection of French Impressionism and Post-Impressionism paintings by ...Read more
  11. Kulturama

    4.2 (54 Votes)

    Museum, History Museum

    The Kulturama Museum des Menschen in Zurich is dedicated to the dissemination of the knowledge of the evolution of animals and humans along with an exposition of cultural history of mankind. A visit to this museum will acquaint you with the development of human, beginning from conception to death. Further, the cultural and historical context of this development is posited forward through the ex...Read more
  12. Migros Museum Fur Gegenwartskunst

    Art Museum, Museum, Exhibition

    Dedicated to the production, exhibition and collection of international contemporary art since 1996, this is an interesting museum to be visited while you are in Zurich. Its exhibitions focus on large-scale productions in close tie up with the artists. Its artistic indulgence however, is not dissociated from the social context within which it is conceived and disseminated. Spanning across two f...Read more
  13. Collection Of Prints And Drawings

    Art Museum, Museum, Arts And Crafts

    As the name suggests, this attraction deals with the collection of Prints and Drawings that pertain to both the old artists as well as the new ones in Switzerland. Located inside the Swiss Federal institute of technology, this museum holds some of the best and well-known names such as Durer, Rembrandt, Goya and Picasso from history and Felix Vallotton, Bernhard Luginbuhl, Dieter Roth, Franz Ger...Read more
  14. Landesmuseum Zurich

    4.4 (8605 Votes)
    Landesmuseum Zurich

    Art Gallery, Museum

    This is one of the most important museums in all of Zurich. The storehouse building of 1898 in the historicist style was constructed by Gustav Gull in the type of the French Renaissance city houses. His noteworthy structural planning with portions of towers, courts and his bewildering stop on an island between the waterways Sihl and Limmat has turned into one of the primary sights of the Old Ci...Read more
  15. Museum Rietberg

    4.6 (2160 Votes)
    Museum Rietberg

    Art Museum, Exhibition , Specialty Museum

    The Rietberg Museum is an exhibition hall in Zürich, Switzerland, showing Asian, African, American and Oceanian craftsmanship. It is the main craft exhibition hall of non-European societies in Switzerland, the third-biggest historical center in Zürich, and the biggest to be controlled by the city itself. In 1976 the city obtained the Schonberg Villa, which had been undermined with obl...Read more