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About dalian Day Cruise

Replete with interesting activities, Dalian in china deserves to be on your travel bucket-list!

Enjoy this beautiful city of Dalian through these splendid Day Cruise tours. Day Cruise tours of Dalian are guided, and you can sit back and relax as the guide takes to you through a virtual journey of the city.

These tours mostly cover the transfer between your hotel and the starting point of the cruise. The native food and drinks culture is an important part of the city's exploration. Thankfully, many Day Cruise tours also cover one or more meals that help you discover the tastiest spread of the local food.

These tours are framed to fit the schedule of all travellers and are available at flexible times. You can pick the slot that suits your plan. Day Cruise tours are crafted to suit all travel plans are hence are available in multiple options like full day trip, half day trip and round-trip. Pick from small group tours or specialised VIP Private tours.

These tours are designed around your safety. Finish your Dalian Vacation Packages, book the cheapest tickets for Dalian Day Cruise tours now.

Make it flawless, for consolidating your travel information, use Dalian trip planner to create your plan.