Granada Walking Tour With Alhambra Gardens From Malaga

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Enhance your experience of Granada and its UNESCO World Heritage-listed wonder on a full-day trip to the Alhambra from Malaga. Discover the beautiful city of Granada, land of the Alhambra, and of the marvelous Generalife Gardens with your knowledgeable guide. The Gardens are attached to the Alhambra, and they became a place of recreation and rest for the Granada Muslim Kings. Enjoy the convenience of round-trip transportation from Malaga in a small group of up to 20 travelers.

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After meeting your local guide in Malaga, relax in a comfortable, air-conditioned coach on the drive to Granada, an essential stop on any trip to Spain. When you arrive in Granada, enjoy a guided tour of the Alhambra, a Moorish palace in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The palace complex is one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture in the world and is a symbol of Granada.

Continue your Granada tour with a visit to Charles V Palace and the Generalife Gardens, located next to the Alhambra. As you explore the gardens, enjoy the stunning views of the Granada and the Gypsy quarter of the Albaycin.

Next, head to the center of Granada for lunch (own expense) and some free time before a guided walking tour of the city. Relax in your comfortable vehicle and enjoy the Spanish scenery on your way back to Malaga. Arrive back at around 7pm.

Choose the Alhambra Palace Tour option to ensure a fully visit of Alhambra: The Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace, was built in the 13th century. It is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it is the most renowned building of the Andalusian Islamic historical legacy. It became palace, citadel and fortress, and was the residence of the Nasrid sultans and their senior officials, including servants of the court and elite soldiers during the 13th and 14th centuries.

Inclusions for Granada Walking Tour With Alhambra Gardens From Malaga

  • Transport by air-conditioned coach
  • Local guide
  • Entrance fees for the Alcazaba and Generalife Gardens
  • Walking tour
  • Entrance fee for the Alhambra Palace (only for Alhambra Palace Tour option)

Exclusions for Granada Walking Tour With Alhambra Gardens From Malaga

  • Food and drinks
  • Gratuities (optional)

Additional Info

Confirmation will be received at time of booking

Children must be accompanied by an adult

Please note that the itinerary of this tour will be subject to the Alhambra visiting hours provided by the Council of the Alhambra

Not wheelchair accessible

May be operated by a multi-lingual guide

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  • If you cancel within 3 calendar days (72 hours) of the scheduled departure time, the cancellation charge will be 100% of the undiscounted tour price.
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  • If you cancel at least 8 calendar days in advance of the scheduled departure time, there is no cancellation fee. You will receive Full Refund for the paid amount.
  • Please note that in case of No show, the cancellation charge will be 100% of the listed tour fare.
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  • Overall, this tour was amazing. My only complaint was i think the tour guide at Al Hambra was too fast in giving explanations and since our group was dominated by elderly, we were walking way behind him.

  • Great tour overall. A bit too much info to absorb on such a hot day. I would do it again on a cooler day. Glad I saw it none the less. Hearing was an issue for me during the tour.

  • The Alhambra is a must see but on this tour you only had time for a quick glance rather than a proper look.
    The tour starts in Malaga and the coach is comfortable with a guide who gives you some interesting information about the countryside you are travelling through. Our guide was called Paco and he had some witty asides but as the tour went on he didnt appear overly professional. At every stop he smoked constantly and was late. After insisting that everyone be back at the pick up point in Granada at 1.30 he appeared 15 mins later-not what I expect from a guide. The title of this tour is also misleading. When you arrive in Granada you do walk with the guide but only from the drop off point into the centre with no commenteray or information about Granada being given. Once there you are just left with no absolutely no advice about where to go or what to see. If I had known this I would have done some research about what I could see in the limited time we had there.
    After the stop in Granada you are then taken to the Alhambra. Once there we were split into groups by language and then left with a different tour guide. This took quite a long time to organise which was very annoying.On this tour the English speakers were joined by the German speakers which was not ideal as everything had to be explained twice. The Spanish and French speakers each had their own guide. You are given headsets and while it took a while to get used to our guides accent he was very knowledgable but there was no real time to ask any questions or get more info about particular items of interest. The tour took around two hours which just wasnt enough time to get a real feel for the place or to truly appreciate the beauty of the gardens or the intricacies of the buildings.
    I feel that a better use of time would be to just go directly to the Alhambra and be able to have a relaxed pace of tour and a little free time there rather than going to Granda for such a short period of time that you barely had a chance to see anything. There was a 20 minute rest stop on the way there and back which stretched to 30 minutes by the time the guide returned to the coach which could also probably have been shortened slightly to allow more time at the Alhambra itself.
    I can absolutely recommend going to the Alhambra but do not book this tour. I will return but I will just arrange tickets etc myself or find a tour that actually gives you time to enjoy it and is better organised. I dont like to leave bad reviews but I feel the title of the tour is misleading and I imagine many others would be disappointed with this tour.

  • This was a great tour.with very well informed tour guide and I loved the Alhambra completely captivated me. I was picked up and dropped off to my hotel and enjoyed some free time in Granada. I recommend this tour well organised and caring leaders.

  • This was a great tour.with very well informed tour guide and I loved the Alhambra completely captivated me. I was picked up and dropped off to my hotel and enjoyed some free time in Granada. I recommend this tour well organised and caring leaders.

  • I had no clue that a visit to the palace was not included and felt cheated as i relied on the agency to include all of the important parts. The tour was rushed and was heavy going on elderly. There was no time to even go to the museum shop. Just not on.

  • I would really like to rate this tour higher than three stars. The actual tour of the Alhambra was wonderful, although it was so crowded that we had skip visiting Generalife. Our guide was helpful and knowledgable, and did a great job holding the group together and keeping our interest. However, our experience with Julia Travel, the coach operator and tour organiser, was less satisfactory.

    For a start, we didn't receive any notification about where and when we were meeting for the tour. All we knew was that it was at a central meeting point on Avenida de Andalucia. So the day before the tour I phoned the tour company to get the information. When we have been on other tours, the meeting point was either specified at the time of the booking, or we got an email with meeting details. Not so this time.

    The meeting point was supposed to be Bus Stop 11 on Avenida de Andalucua, in front of the Caixa Bank. But when we got there we found people milling around in an area east of the two bus stops we could see. We saw various coaches and buses pull up in front of this area, which must be right in the busiest roundabout in Màlaga, but none of them were ours. By this time I had found which was Bus Stop 11, but we really didn't know if we should wait there or where everyone else was.

    And so we waited, and waited. About 8:15am I was about to phone the tour company, Julia Travel, when we saw a coach marked Julia approaching the roundabout. It was a large coach, and there weren't that many people waiting, so I thought we were in for a comfortable trip in a big coach with a small group. Well when we the bus finally got around the roundabout and pulled up near the roundabout, not at the bus stop as we were told, we found that there was already a large group of people on board. In fact, we were lucky to find two seats together.

    We weren't too happy about this, but that's what you get when you go on organised tours. However, what we were definitely unprepared for was that most of the people already on board were speaking French. It turned out we were on a bilingual tour with more than thirty Quebecois. This was disappointing, as was the fact the guide said much more when he was speaking in French than he did when speaking in English. Add to that the fact that the French speakers insisted on talking loudly amongst themselves while the guide was talking to us in English, and we realized we were in for a long day.

    Anyway, after about two hours of travel, including a thirty minute technical stop for coffee and restrooms, we arrived in Granada and headed straight to the Alhambra and the Generalife. Here we were fortunately split into two groups - a large French speaking group and a smaller English speaking group, and assigned specialist Alhambra guides.

    The Alhambra from the Arabic for The Red Castle because of the colour of the clay used in the buildings is a fortress and palace complex built on a hill above Granada. It was built during the Moorish occupation of Spain, and was the last bastion of the Moors to be taken over during the Christian Reconquista. It then became the site of the Royal Court of Ferdinand and Isabella. Later, Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor and ruler of Spain, commissioned a new palace, but this was never completed.

    The Alhambra was abandoned in the 18th century, and for a long time was occupied by squatters gypsies who stripped much of the decorative artwork from the buildings. Also, much of the Moorish artwork and building had been destroyed or replaced by the Christian monarchs. That said, it is remarkably well preserved, and much is being done to restore and maintain it.

    After our visit to the Alhambra we boarded the bus and drove down to Granada. Now this part of the tour had been billed as a walking tour, but what we actually got was somewhat less. The bus had to drop us off well outside the old city. Around 1.5km outside. And the walking tour consisted of our guide leading us from the bus through the commercial part of the city to the old city. When we got there he pointed and said There's a plaza over there where you can buy lunch, and the Cathedral is over there. Be back at the bus at 5:00pm. Not my idea of a walking tour.

    Anyway, by this time it was approaching 3:00pm, so we quickly found a restaurant in the plaza and had a passable menu del dia lunch. Of course, we had to pay tourist prices, but we didn't have a lot of time or a lot of choice.

    By the time we finished lunch it was nearly 4:00pm, and we really wanted to visit the Cathedral before heading back to the bus. We happily paid the entry fee, but we didn't have time to listen to the audio guides we were given. We just walked quickly around the building admiring the chapels and the ornate artwork. We would have liked to visit the Royal Chapel of Granada, the resting place of Ferdinand and Isabella. We have since learned that this is next to the Cathedral, but we were rushed and didn't have time.

  • After Using Julia Travel in Madrid we hoped they would be better organised in Malaga. No.Got to the pick up

  • This day trip exceeded my expectation. I have read previous reviews that this bus spent more time picking up passengers along the way. I dreaded this part, but it turned out to be just the opposite. I was picked up at the city of Malaga with a mini bus, only one rest stop and we arrived in Granada city before 11 AM. We had plenty of time to walk around city center and had lunch. The afternoon was the highlight with about 3 hours in Alhambra all the palaces and gardens. It is an amazing place and definitely worth the day trip on it own merit. The guide was very knowledgeable. The return bus was a direct bus to Malaga taking about 2 hours. I highly recommend this trip!

  • The actual tour of the Alhambra was very good and thorough. The grounds are beautiful. Our guide took us through all the main parts and gave us great background info. The alhambra was super packed though so sometimes moving through some of the areas was a little too slow. I also wasn't aware that we would be led out of park not sure what to call it directly after the tour. I would have liked some time to maybe go back to some of the areas I liked and took more time to take photos. I also think the tickets are for one time entry, so we likely could not have gone back to view anything again.

    My only gripe is that the company that took us to and from the tour/ Granada was very unorganized. When we were dropped off at the alhambra they spent about twenty minutes or so figuring out what languages people spoke and what guide they needed to be with. Then the guides counted and recounted the 30 some odd people in our group. Then we waited for the audio to be passed out. We were also were never given any info on how the day would pan out like... your tour will end at 1pm, at this time you should head back to the bus. No one knew what to do or where to go after the tour. Eventually we went back to the bus, only to wait almost an hour for a group that either didn't figure out they needed to go to the bus, or their tour ended late.

    We were then taken to the city center of Granada to eat lunch and look around for 2.5hrs. The bus dropped us off, and our guide gave everyone a pretty terrible map with the bus location marked with an X. The guide stated that we needed to be back at the bus at 4:30. So, we followed the guide down the street to the city center and everyone went their own direction. My friends and I decided to make our way back to the bus at 4:00pm. Plenty of time for the ten minute walk back to drop off. When we got to the location, we noted two other tour buses and groups but none of them wearing our tour sticker. We thought this was odd and walked down another block to make sure. Still no one, no bus. So we started asking locals, bringing out that map we had been given. We received three different explanations of where to go, but it was clear we were not in the right area. Finally, we asked another tour bus and they gave us some direction. By this time it was 4:45 and we were late, so we got a cab the 2 miles to the pickup location, which was different than the drop off. We take responsibility for not looking at the shoddy map to verify location, it didn't occur to us to look at a map to get back to a drop off location that was very easy to remember. BUT it was never specified out loud that the pickup area would be in a completely different area of town than the drop off. This seems like something that should be announced.
    Long story short, we missed the bus and had to taxi speed to get to the pit-stop the bus would be taking. Which we found out by calling a number on the viator voucher. The lady who answered pointed out the bus pickup was at 4:30.... we are aware of that, thank you. She was also seemed to try to be as unhelpful as possible, giving us an obscure place for the meetup, like oh any cab driver will know this pit stop 70 miles away. My suggestion is to give the phone number of the guide. We could have easily called him and let him know the situation and probably made it back to the bus much faster.

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