Water Sports In Hurghada

Water Sports
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    Dolphin Habitat Snorkeling Tour From Hurghada, Makadi Or El Gouna 5 Reviews | Duration: 8 Hrs

    Enjoy a fantastic 8 hour snorkel trip from Hurghada, Makadi or El Gouna. This boat cruise takes you out into the open sea and to places where the dolphins can be found. During the ...

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    Dolphin House And Banana Boat Fun From Hurghada 16 Reviews | Duration: 7 Hrs

    Take a boat trip to the heart of the Dolphin's habitat where you will experience the incredible variety in the underwater life of the Red Sea. Snorkel and swim with the dolphins as...

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    Hurghada Daily Scuba Dive Trip 8 Reviews | Duration: 8 Hrs

    Egypt's Red Sea is home to some of the world's most famous dive sites and Hurghada, on the Red Sea coast, offers some stunning coral gardens just off-shore. This 1-day, 2-dive trip...

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    Daily Dive With 2 Dive With Equipment 1 Reviews | Duration: 8 Hrs

    2 dive and lunch will see all fascinating Red Sea marine life, with its beautiful corals and you can observe the great variety of animals living in the sea near the Hurghada coastl...

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    Mahmaya: Giftun Island Snorkeling Cruise New on TripHobo Duration: 7 Hrs 30 Mins

    Spend a relaxing day soaking up the sun and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. There's nothing to worry about on this leisurely cruise to Giftun Island. Either si...

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    Red Sea Full-Day Introduction To Scuba Diving 4 Reviews | Duration: 1 Days

    Experience a dive in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea under direct supervision of a qualified instructor (1 to 1). Safety first ! This is a quick and easy introduction to ex...

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    Full-Day Snorkeling Trip To Giftun Island From Hurghada New on TripHobo Duration: 8 Hrs

    Discover the pristine waters of the Red Sea and the glorious beaches of Giftun Island on this 8-hour tour from Hurghada to the beautiful Giftun Islands with their spectacular coral...

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    2 Dives From A Comfy Boat For Certified Divers 1 Reviews | Duration: 1 Days

    Diving as it should be. Enjoy safe diving in small groups according to your level and pace. Discover the stunning underwaterworld of Hurghada in the Red Sea with experienced multil...

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    Giftun Island Mahmya Beach And Snorkeling Day Trip From Hurghada 1 Reviews | Duration: 8 Hrs

    A boat trip departing from Hurghada Marina and heads towards Mahmya, a private beach on Giftun Island. There you will enjoy a snorkeling trip to the reefs around the island. Have a...

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    Scuba Diving Trip Around Giftun Island 1 Reviews | Duration: 6 Hrs

    All of us have an adventurous side. At Giftun Islands live life to the max and take the plunge, we can have you underwater experiencing the spectacular wonders of the Red Sea Reef ...

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    Swim With Wild Dolphins In Hurghada 1 Reviews | Duration: 9 Hrs

    Swimming with Dolphins in Hurghada is a special tour that takes you near to dolphins in their natural element with respect for their environment, not a controlled pool location.

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    Cable Wakeboarding In Hurghada New on TripHobo Duration: 7 Hrs

    El Gouna Cable Park the only cable park in Egypt and it is one of the largest cable parks worldwide, perfect place for wake-boarding and recreational complex (beach club, restauran...

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    Giftun Islands Snorkeling From Hurghada New on TripHobo Duration: 7 Hrs

    Spend at day a Giftun Island National Park and enjoy this paradise for snorkelers and sunbathers on a 8-hour trip from Hurghada. Spend time swimming in the turquoise water and walk...

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    Snorkeling Trip Round Utopia Island 1 Reviews | Duration: 8 Hrs

    If you love Sun, Sandand Sea Go Utopia Island and get the impression of the marine life for the best snorkeling and surfing On or Under the Red Sea. A full day boat trip from Hurgh...

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    Snorkeling Cruise From Hurghada To Mahmaya, Giftun Islands New on TripHobo Duration: 8 Hrs

    After being picked up from your hotel you will be taken by boat to Giftun Island. On the desert island in the Red Sea you will enjoy snorkeling in a remote location all over the is...

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    Dolphin Full Day Snorkeling Tour From Hurghada New on TripHobo Duration: 6 Hrs

    Take a boat trip to the Dolphin House where youll experience the incredible variety in the underwater life of the Red Sea. Snorkel and swim with the dolphins . Sunbathe and enjoy l...

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    Dolphin Habitat Trip Hurghada New on TripHobo Duration: 4 Hrs

    Explore The Beauty Of The Red Sea From A Closer View. Spotting Dolphins,Snorkeling,Swimming And Visiting Islands All In One Private Tour.

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    Giftun Islan Trip In Hurghada , Full Day New on TripHobo Duration: 12 Hrs

    Highlights of Giftun Islan Trip in Hurghada Enjoy a relaxing day explore the desert island paradise of Giftun IslandExplore life under the surface, snorkeling in the beautiful wate...

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    Dolphin Spotting Cruise From El Gouna New on TripHobo Duration: 1 Days

    Who has not dreamt of seeing dolphins in their natural environment. On this trip you will head out to sea and visit the places where the dolphins usually hang out. The boat trip ta...

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    Trip To Orange Bay -Rated As A Unique Program- Lunch & Snorkeling & Water Sports 2 Reviews | Duration: 8 Hrs

    Orange bay - Feels like in the Caribbean and Explore marine life in 2 stop points for snorkeling.First of all our professional crew will lead you in amazing day trip to a very priv...

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    Full-Day Snorkeling Cruise From Hurghada New on TripHobo Duration: 7 Hrs

    Snorkeling is a great way to start exploring a new and fascinating world. Suitable for all ages, snorkeling provides both action and relaxation. Paddle around the water, observing ...

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    Full-Day Snorkeling Trip To Sharm El Naga From Hurghada New on TripHobo Duration: 8 Hrs

    Enjoy a fantastic day trip to Sharm El Naga Bay, just 25 miles (40 kilometers) from Hurghada. Swim and snorkel through pristine waters over mature coral reefs, and enjoy games from...

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    PADI Open Water Diving Course New on TripHobo Duration: 3 Days

    Hurghada Giftun IslandThis marine reserve with a modest entry fee has a host of dive sites characterized by steep drop offs, fabulous coral reefs and the possibility of encounters ...

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    Red Sea Diving Trip From Hurghada: Beginner To Advanced Divers New on TripHobo Duration: 8 Hrs

    Boat tour through the crystal clear waters of the Red sea to experience the underwater wonders. The trip includes two dives at different places, accompanied by professional instruc...